Friday, April 01, 2011

Robby is turning 4!

I can't believe that 4 years ago today I was in labor with my little baby boy! What an amazing experience that was and what an amazing 4 years we've had with him as part of our family!

Since his birthday is tomorrow and it's conference we had his party tonight. After changing his mind about what kind of party he wanted like 5 times - back and forth between Pirate and Spiderman.... "I promise I won't change my mind, mom! I want a spiderman party!" The next day someone would ask him what kind of party he was having and he'd tell them, "Pirate." BAH! After I had bought some pirate stuff and he was trying to change his mind again he said, "Ok fine, since you already bought something for it..."

Anyways! Our "parties" are usually just food and friends! So I tried to step it up a little in the decorations to fulfill the "Pirate" theme he wanted. He had a great time and loved having everyone over to celebrate him and of course loved getting some really fun new things to play with!

Tomorrow Rob and I are going to take him on a little date to continue celebrating so there may be a Part 2 post later...

The girls... love these ladies...

When we were getting ready for bed he got all sad and said, "but nobody got me new Pirate or Spiderman pajamas...." I wanted to be like oh brother! And I was... and then I was like, er, hold on, I actually did buy you some! We didn't give him our presents we were saving them for tomorrow but I pulled these out and he was SO EXCITED.

And good night! :)