Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cougars beat the Utes!

This was the last home game of the season and boy was it a great one! The weather was great and baby Robby slept for almost the whole first half! He started to get bored during the fourth quarter but Liv was kind enough to share her cookies n'cream ice cream and that certainly seemed to do the trick!

The fans stormed the field at the end of the game! I've never seen that happen before!

Oh yeah, the score was 17 - 10.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

So much to post about!

Where do I start?

So we just spent the last week in beautiful, sunny St. Thomas but the day before we left (November 14) was Robby's 25th Birthday! The day was a little spoiled because our travel plans changed so we had to leave early the next morning (instead of very late that evening) and had to spend a lot of his birthday packing and running errands. We ate lunch at Tucanos (yum, yum!) and made him open a few presents! We were so busy I didn't even have time to make a real cake so we used leftover apple crisp from a dinner the night before - whoops!

Happy Birthday Robby the Dad! You are the best!

Then Thursday am Robby had to take a test at 8 am and then we raced to the airport to catch our 10:30 am flight.... and ew, what an awful 2 days of traveling we had! Baby Robby was an absolute gem on each flight but there were 3 the first day, got to our hotel at like 1 am and there was no crib like we requested, and then one last flight the second day... it seemed like a bigger deal at the time but now looking back it's kind of one big blur...

St. Thomas was wonderful! It was great to be w/all of Robby's family (including my brother in law who is my real brother, Andrew). The kids are all growing up so fast - the cousins are so cute together! We spent most of the time by the pool and on the beach - we did go out on a boat for one day and I had to bust out the Dramamine but I survived!

Here's some pictures from our trip!


Whole Parsons Clan

REP III Family

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at the hotel and then Robby and I left Friday. At least our trip home was only 1 day, 3 flights! Ugh!

We made it back to Utah just fine and I'm so happy to be home! Even if it was freezing when we got here and had to crank the heat!

Today we had a blast at the BYU vs. U of U game but maybe I'll let Robby report more on that topic...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Coming soon....

.... a real post!

Just wanted to say hi and I've got lots of stuff I want to post about but haven't had much time. My computer's been commandeered by Robby since his isn't working and so we only have mine on our trip.... oh yeah, our trip! We are in St. Thomas!

But how we got there is a whole post on it's own!

Hope you all are doing great and we'll update you with something more interesting soon!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Notice anything different?

So I'm trying to figure out this html stuff to change up our blog! Kyrsten just did this on hers and it looks great!

I used the same site she referenced, SJH Blog Design, and downloaded pages from Shabby Princess and Digital Scrapbook Place. Most of these sites have lots of free stuff you can download! And SJH's blog is really helpful....

I'm sure all the formatting will change frequently now that I know how to do this... formatting is one of my favorite things so don't be surprised if it doesn't stay the same!

Homemade baby food....

...seems to taste just as good as Gerber! And is probably much better for baby!

So, I bought some yams like a week ago and have just been looking at them.... kind of intimidated by them... I'm not much of a cook, and these yams didn't look like anything I'd ever seen before, so figuring out how to turn them into baby food seemed like it would be hard... but it was NOT! It was EASY!

A few people I know have made their own baby food, like Kyrsten, and many people have directed me to this site: Wholesome Baby Food. It makes it all sound so simple so I figured even I could try it!

Lindsay gave me that last bit of encouragement I needed when she brought over some food that she made for baby Robby - peaches and broccoli! Yeah!

So I bit the bullet and cooked the dang yams.... here they are after I washed them, getting ready to go in the oven.... don't they look kind of weird?

Once they were baked I peeled them and cut them up into little chunks.

Then Robby blended them in the Bosch.... just added a little water to make them a better consistency.

We put them in Gerber containers and yogurt containers that I'd been saving up.

I stuck most of them in the freezer but tested it out right away and the verdict: A happy Robby! Success!

I'm excited - I think it'll save quite a bit of money and it wasn't hard to do at all! Kind of fun actually!

Friday, November 09, 2007

BYU Game

Tonight BYU played TCU - we won 27 to 22. Couple of intense moments... it was an evening game and the weather was really perfect! Even more perfect was that I was able to go home and put baby Robby to bed, have Lindsay come over and babysit (she is the BEST!), and I could go back and watch the game baby-less!

We went for the pre-game food in the tent.... baby Robby was having a blast!

And then when we were leaving he got to meet Cosmo! Not such a happy time...

But it was great to get out and have some fun and yell and cheer! Go Cougars!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

You can't tag someone in your own blog--that's cheating!!

So Esther decided to cheat and tag me so I guess I'll answer the questions anyways--

1. I absolutely love... so many things I don't know if I can pick just one--football, movies (especially high-def movies), O.A.R., my DVR, the internet and computers in general, and Esther and Robby IV (and a lot of other things but that's enough to answer the question) .

2. I don't care if... I finish college. I just want to be done and out of there :) (Sort of joking, but almost not . . .)

3. I like to... go boating, skiing (water and snow)--being on a lake or in the mountains.

4. I play... movies in my dvd player, tv on my dvr and O.A.R. on my stereo . . . a lot.

5. I have a horrible habit of... grinding my teeth at night while sleeping (until Esther rolls over and hits me).

6. I love to.... sit at home and watch movies with my wife while eating a popsicle.

Tag! I'm it!

OK so to be honest when Alicia tagged me I had no idea what she was talking about! After looking at her blog and seeing what Liv did I figured it out! So apparently when someone "tags" you you have to do the following little fill in the blank questions and then you can tag someone else.... cute idea whoever thought of it!

1. I absolutely love...
the cream cheese wontons at Rice King! If you haven't had them you need to! It's on Center Street & 300 West in Provo.

2. I don't care if... people think my friends and I are weird when we go to Dairy Queen wearing matching pink crowns or go to PF Changs in matching black outfits.

3. I like to... imitate voices. I'm not the best at doing it on command but Liv likes my Donkey from Shrek impersonation and I've been said to do a great "Noelle" voice... (that's my mom)

4. I play... no musical instruments whatsoever but I really like to sing.

5. I have a horrible habit of... stubbing my toe. I seem to do this all the time. In fact I just ran my foot into our coffee table so hard yesterday that my little toe and ankle are still throbbing.

6. I love to.... sit at home and watch movies with my husband. We are big homebodies.... and I love it!

So I I want to tag Robby (any excuse to make you post! ;D) and Natalie!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Calle Street Soccer

For school I'm doing a consulting project--my group chose to do the project for a company called Calle. It's an up-and-coming soccer apparel company that specializes in street soccer. Steve Magleby, a friend that grew up in Maryland with me, helped start it and works there with a few other guys. It's an interesting idea and it looks like it has some potential. Their goal is to be the Quicksilver for soccer. They mainly sell clothes, but their first product was actually a unique street soccer ball that they created because apparently no one in the States wants to use their own ball in the streets or parking lots because they get trashed. The ball they created can withstand the hard surfaces and the abuse a lot better.

The idea came when one of the guys was living outside the country and was playing street soccer with some kids and saw the skills that they had. He realized that in the USA we don't get those same skills playing soccer on larger fields with normal teams. You have to learn to play against people in 1 on 1 situations. At least that's what I gathered from meeting and talking with them!

Anyways, they sell some cool stuff. Check out their website at:


Sunday, November 04, 2007

A piece of apple?

Really? A little piece of apple caused such joy?

So I tried one of those mesh feeder things out for the first time tonight - I stuck a big chunk of apple with no peel in the little baggie part, snapped it shut, and handed it over to baby Robby for at least twenty minutes of pure excitement..... and when he was done there was only a teeny piece of apple remaining.... he was sucking so hard the entire time it was so cute!

This was when he was about done with it...


It is the LAST NIGHT at the ding dong Dreaded Grove!!!

This means I get my husband back! No more waiting up till 12:30 am or even later, watching all kind of weird TV shows and stupid Redbox movies, and sorry hon, but no more you sleeping in two extra hours in the morning!! Robby is always exhausted after his long days of school and running around scaring people all night so I have felt bad and gotten into the habit of letting him sleep in.... well, sorry darling but those days are over!

me waiting up for the last time ever!

I have to say there are things I've enjoyed about this time - I have had some wonderful evenings with my girlfriends that we will have to continue but maybe we can get out of my house now!
I even made banana bread tonight! So it's not that it's been a complete waste of time but I have missed him and am excited to spend some more quality time with him!


Now how much longer till he'll be home tonight??