Monday, May 31, 2010

Eclipse t-shirts - want one?

Remember how awesome our tshirts for New Moon were? Well, Liv and her husband Scott have whipped up an amazing shirt design for Eclipse! Check it out:

We are doing the same exact shirt as we did for the New Moon shirt except a light BLUE.

I just love how these shirts are like secret codes - no one has to know you're sportin a Twilight shirt unless they get the reference themselves and therefore they can appreciate it! :) Like how this refers to the store Bella worked in, Mike's family's store... anyway!

So if you're interested in getting a shirt - even if you aren't coming to the movie with us - let me know! We're going to do one big order next week or so so I'll need to know sizes and get money from people asap. Shirts are $12 and $14 for the Plus 1x and Plus 2x. Leave a comment or send me an email!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Utah Fertility Center

This week we are going to this. (free fertility seminar)

Malea and I have been friends a looong time. She and her husband tried for a long time to get pregnant and after going to this Fertility Center she had success! Now she is getting close to giving birth... it's interesting how we are now in opposite positions - I've learned a lot about birth and new babies and have lots to share with her! And her experience and information about dealing with infertility has been a strength and example to me... we are flip flopped and are able to help each other with the experiences we've had.

It's been hard knowing what to do next in this process. I've talked to my doctor, a homeopathic doctor, been in the Eager study, used a fancy-dancy fertility monitor, charted my last 15 cycles after my miscarriage.... there are lots and lots of things to do when trying to get pregnant and different courses of action. Everyone has to figure out what's right for them and when. As much as part of me has been wanting to go to a fertility specialist for a while now we haven't felt like it was the right time, we have been working towards our goal as a couple and as a couple need to be ready for the next step. It's hard to feel like people are judging you, thinking why aren't you doing x or y and really it doesn't matter - it's just important to figure out what is right for you.

Sometimes I feel like Heavenly Father lets me have these experiences simply because he knows I'm going to share everything that happens with everyone else... so part of me feels like, of course I have to go to a fertility doctor and experience that and see what happens...

Anyways it's late and I should just stop rambling but just wanted to give an update and also let other people out there know that Fertility Centers have things like this seminar to get information out! I didn't know that till I happened to be browsing their wesbite...

so let the sharing continue... I'll let you know what I learn... :)

Do the "hope"

Today I walked by nursery and paused at the door, listening for Robby... I overheard them doing their lesson, talking about helping at home...

Maeris (Robby's beloved nursery leader): Robby, I know you help at home! You have a special job you do at home, don't you? What's your job at home?
Robby: Hope.
Maeris: Yeah, to help, and your job is to unload the silverware isn't it?
Robby: (nods then says) And do the hope.
Maeris: Yeah, it's good to help... Dylan, how do you help at home?

I laughed to myself and went to class.... Robby was trying to tell her his other job is to do the SOAP. He helps fill the dish soap in the dishwasher. And Maeris knew he unloaded silverware cause we'd talked about that... anyway it was just a funny reminder that he says lots of things I'm sure people don't understand! And it was very cute to overhear them talking about helping at home... thanks nursery, thanks Maeris! We love you!