Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Where's bug?"

Little Robby and I really differ in our opinion of bugs! While I'm usually trying to get them out of our house he walks around chasing the nasty flies that slip inside blowing kisses at it and signing, "where bug?" It's kind of cute. Except the whole bugs in my house part.... so we've taken to looking for bugs outside when we walk to the mailbox.

Don't you love kids in this little squatting position? I do. Can you even see that little black speck he's staring at?

Bugs are ok outside. And he can wave and blow kisses to them all he wants!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Camping.... kind of....

My family and I are not outdoorsy people. My mom grew up with 17 kids and basically "camped" for the first 21 years of her life so she wasn't really up for it. At family reunions we'd get a hotel near the campsite and leave for a night of comfortable sleep when the party was winding down.

Rob has been wanting to go camping for a few months now and so we made a compromise. We'd all go up for a bonfire, dinner, and hang out, and then the moms and little kids would leave to sleep at home! We had me, Rob, Quattro; Andrew, Becca, Ty, Robby, Annie; Taba, Ben, Anna, Gwen, and James.

We went up Squaw Peak Road in Provo Canyon to Hope Campground. In only a 20 minute drive from our home we were in a whole other world! Our only wish was that we'd gotten there earlier to enjoy more of the daylight instead of trying to eat our tin foil dinners in the dark! It was great roasting hot dogs and marshmellows and eating Becca's thoughtfully prepared tin foil dinners of meat, potatoes, onions, and carrots!

There was a point in the night where I thought, "maybe I COULD go camping!"

But I still went home to sleep in my bed. We'll save that overnight adventure for another time!

Rob had a great time staying up late with Andrew and Ben sitting around the campfire talking and he can't wait to go again soon.

Can you believe we had 3 PINCOCKs camping?? Taba, Andrew, and I! Proof! Wait, I'm not in that picture, huh? Oh well.... I'm down here....

Quattro loved it! It was a little hard trying to keep him away from the fire... we kept saying, "The fire is so hot! If you touch it, it will hurt!" So at one point he was playing near it and then set down the stick he'd been carrying around to look at the fire and sign "hurt". Then went on his way... so cute!

Love all these dang cousins! They are too cute. This was fun cause it was so out of the norm for all of us. I know we are pathetic... the campsite was really full and as we were driving around looking for a spot we were saying, "wow, people really do this! A lot of people! What are they all doing here?" Just kind of in awe....

This is where the brave men and big kids slept! Thanks Liv for your tent it was awesome!

I guess Rob's mountain man look works in a setting like this, huh?

Well, I'm glad we went and we'll have to do it again sometime!

Finally . . .

24 is coming out with a 2 hour TV movie, called 24 Redemption,  on November 23rd. They'be been off air since May 2007 because of the writer's strike causing the entire season in 2008 to be delayed.  24 Redemption is supposed to bridge the gap between season 6 and season 7 (which will air in January). It's set in large part in Africa where Jack Bauer is a trying to find himself. It's been too long since the show has been on and I'm ready for it to be back on.  Check out more here.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Farm Country

We had a great time at Farm Country (Thanksgiving Point) this week! We got to go with Tara, Liv, and Becca and kids! When it was time to go Robby was barely coming out of naptime land so I went in to help him wake up and he just laid there looking really out of it and not interested in getting up.

"Robby, do you want to go see some animals?"

Instantly he shot both arms up as if to say, "Hurray!", and he jumped onto his feet.

Yes, he was excited!

We kept trying to get a picture of all the kids behind bars but they were not cooperating! Sheesh! Kids! :)

I didn't get great pictures but it was a lot of fun! Especially feeding the ducks and goats and going on the little pony ride. I love how excited Robby gets about the animals - it makes it fun for me.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Yes, I'm awesome!

"Yes, I'm awesome!" (strongbad voice) If you don't know who Strongbad is you need to check out Homestarrunner.com right now!

So, why am I aweosme? Feel free to let me know why YOU think I'm awesome but I'm referring to my dentist appointment last week...

Dentist apt??? Yes. I had a cavity that needed to be filled and I was kind of nervous. (Don't worry, I will get more awesome in a minute - I sound kind of lame right now!) I've only had one other filled before and it hurt really bad and they gave me a couple of novicaine shots and I kept saying, "I can still feel it!!!" So, yes I was nervous.

While the helper girl, what do they call those?, was setting up My Big Fat Greek Wedding for me to watch she asked me, "Would you like laughing gas today?" I was a little more concerned thinking this would be bad enough to necessitate laughing gas but it was going to be an extra $25 so I said I would pass. Her response: "Don't say I didn't warn you!" Ew! Who says that?? Grr.

I had a plan though. I wanted to try to use my hypnobabies techniques (see my birth story) to see if I could reduce the pain I would feel. So I laid back in my chair and shut my eyes and proceeded to "put myself into hypnosis" using my "lightswitch." I flipped it to center so that I could open my eyes and be normal. :)

The dentist came and I confessed my horrible fear of needles and said I was worried about the novicaine shots. He said it was just one little one so if we wanted to we could start cleaning it out and if I changed my mind he could always stop and numb it. Ok. So I focused on my breathing, happy place, the movie, relaxing.... a couple of times he would say, "ok, sorry, ooooo, sorry! Ok... almost done with this part...." And I did not feel ANYTHING except at the very end of him cleaning it out it was a little cold.

Now, I'm not saying I'm ready to go do a root canal using hypnosis but I think this totally helped me during that cavity filling!!!

So I feel awesome.

PS - if you have any questions about hypnobabies feel free to email me! I LOVE to talk about it!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I think I spoke too soon...

So today Robby has had problems walking again!!! We were problem free for almost three weeks and then right after I post about the x-rays he has issues again.... ugh!

I called our Dr again and she said she would put in an order at the hospital to do x-rays of his feet and legs. I don't know why we didn't do that last time - I guess it was just of his hips which maybe is where most problems with walking lie but I really do think it is something wrong with his foot/feet.

So wish us luck! I'll keep you posted....

Hangin with baby James

"My baby James!"

Robby loved having his cousin James over Tuesday while his mommy was at the dentist. Robby spent the first half hour just looking at, talking to, trying to kiss James! And doesn't he look like a GIANT next to sweet little Jamsie?

"And this is Lindsay and Olivia, James."

Robby kept bring him books and setting them on top of him - I tried to protect James as best I could!

We would sing head, shoulders, knees, and toes and point to each part on James and Robby thought it was hilarious.

I think James liked it too.

The only hard part was trying to put James down for a nap - Robby threw a huge fit when he realized we were leaving James in his crib and as soon as he heard James make a peep he went running to the door doing his James sign, so excited to play with him again!

Time to have another baby? I guess we'll have to settle for playing with cousins while we wait.

(no, I'm not pregnant. Trust me, you'll know when I am.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"I'm normal!"

Last week we went to the hospital to get x-rays done of Robby's hips to make sure there wasn't anything wrong since he had those random days of not walking... He was such a good boy! He bounced around the waiting room, giving high fives and "pound its" to all the elderly folk making them smile (one guy even changed seats to sit closer to us and to talk to Robby), and sat very still during the actual x-ray. He even got an awesome sticker when he was done - see the pic!

Today I got a call from our doctor's office and they said the x-rays looked all normal! Hurray for normal!

And he really has not complained about his feet at all in the last few weeks! Who knows what the problem was but hopefully it has just resolved itself!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

must be doing something right

Today Robby got mad when I was trying to wash his mucky little hands - normally he loves washing his hands and I can't remember what it was he wanted to be doing instead but he was upset and he flung out and swatted me in the face. I let out a big, "ahhh!" and was still processing it and made that "ow and oh no you didn't" face when his expression totally softened and he wrapped his arms around my head and hugged and then kissed me.

He really has gotten the whole hitting thing under much better control lately - it was ridiculous for a good two weeks! - but it was really sweet that he realized he'd hurt me and *apologized* before I could even get any words out...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Nothing interesting still

I said I was going to do better with the blogging and there hasn't been much of an improvement yet... we're just not doing anything that exciting I think!

So what the heck are we up to??

Rob is really busy with work... it's the end of our (I still feel like I associate myself with APX too since I worked there - I always say "we" or "our" when really it just affects Rob now, weird I think) summer season so all the equipment from all the offices around the country is coming back into corporate to the warehouse and needs to be organized. They have a giant stack of boxes that's like 20 feet high.... getting up to 1,000 boxes in a day... anyways! He's busy. Tonight he came home earlier - in time to help put Robby to bed which was awesome! He missed bedtime 4/5 nights last week. He's warned me that the rest of the week will probably be pretty late.

I kind of threw my back out a little on Thursday which was WEIRD and so annoying. I was at the park with Robby doing nothing in particular and all of a sudden it just started hurting... sharp pains up my back! I've gone to the chiropractor twice now and have been icing it and taking IBprofuen and it's starting to feel better but I'm still achy... hopefully it gets better soon.

Quattro is so cute, always wanting to talk to people on the phone, signing the names of all his cousins and friends, playing with people at church and doing high fives and "pound its" (fist bumps) all over the place. He's a little social bug. He's also been hopping/skipping around lately which is so cute. He runs but he can't quite jump so he kind of combines it.

He's had some trouble walking every now and then for the last couple weeks - where he just will not stand and tells me his feet hurt - so I actually took him to the doctor today and she said it looks ok but we'll do an x-ray just to make sure so I'll update you on that. I'm sure it's nothing but just Gwennie's situation has made a little paranoid I guess! "Hi, my kid has a cold, will you make sure it's not cancer?!"

Last week we took a drive up Provo Canyon to check out a shooting range near Squaw Peak. We really have been having beautiful Utah weather!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Phone calls

Robby is now obsessed with wanting to call my mom. He brings me my phone and signs & says Babu about five times a day. It's really sweet but I'm sure my mom doesn't really have time to chat that often. I think he likes calling her cause she is great at talking to him and sings him songs and does animal noises.... it's very entertaining for him. And of course he can see her picture on the phone while he's talking which is a must. I had to add her picture to "M&D Home" for when we call their house phone cause he was frustrated he couldn't see "Bu!" (I only had her pic on Mom Cell) Ahhh! Here's how one call went the other day:

Calling Babu on the phone... it's ringing....
"Voicemail?! What the heck?!?"
"Hmm, you think you can pacify me with fruit snacks?"
"OK, I guess you can! Yum yum!"

This little man is so determined and always knows just what he wants. It's hard to get him distracted once he gets mind set on something. Instead of constantly calling Babu we're trying to branch out and phone a few other people.... so today we talked to Lindsay, Olivia, and Vanessa! We did call Babu once but she didn't answer.

So the weather here in Utah has quickly turned and those hot summer days look like they are gone for good! We've had a few dark rainy days which is unusual but as Utahans say, "we're grateful for the moisture." Wish you could hear my best Utah accent with that.... Robby is not so grateful for this cool weather and he keeps bringing me swim diapers and freaking out when I try to explain it's too cold for the pool. The other day I indulged him and we went out, inbetween rainstorms, for about 20 minutes and played mostly in the hot tub. He got in the kiddie pool but it felt like an ice bath for me so I did not.

We were able to play at the park this afternoon with Becca, Amy, and cousins and it was a beautiful day with a nice breeze. I'm glad I don't have to stand in the sun sweating to death while he runs all over tarnation! Hopefully this fall weather last for a long time because I'm not looking forward to being stuck indoors all day with an 18 month old!

I've been a slacker blogger lately and I'll try to do better. I feel bad for people who do not use google reader and check my blog regularly only to find it hasn't been updated! I'll work on it....
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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Still in love with Cosmo

Ever since the football game on Saturday Robby has been all about COSMO! Today when he was staring at the one little picture of Cosmo in his "My First BYU Book" I remembered that Rob has some kind of stuffed Cosmo in the closet somewhere! I dug out a box full of stuffed animals - have I mentioned my husband is quite the pack rat? - and sure enough there was a little puppet Cosmo - Rob got this at a game back in 1996ish.... As soon as Robby saw it he picked it up and went "Rah rah rah rah!!!" He had fun carrying it around all day... even took him in the cart at Target! I wish I could've caught on tape his cute excited face when he first saw it.

I like how in the video he compares the stuffed Cosmo to the Cosmo in the picture!