Tuesday, January 20, 2009

O.A.R. Concert

It's been a loooong time since O.A.R. came to UT! What, Rob, 2003? We were so excited for them to come to SLC last night! We were even more excited to have Meet & Greet passes to meet the band before the show!!! It was fun to talk to each of them - they were great about moving around the group and saying hi to everyone there! We were able to make a couple connections with them - Rob & Becca both went to the same high school as them (Wootton) and Becca was even in their graduating class so they recognized her. Benj also knew Liz (my sister in law) pretty well from school and was happy to hear how she was doing.




the show...

For those interested here's the set list from the show:
This Town 
One Shot 
Living in the End 
Someone in the Road-->Whose Chariot 
About Mr. Brown 
The Fallout 
So Moved On 
About an Hour Ago 
What is Mine 
I Feel Home 
Hey Girl 

War Song 
Love and Memories

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moo Baa La La La

I've noticed recently that Robby can recite several words from his favorite songs and stories! One of his favorite books is Moo Baa La La La by Sandra Boynton. I love all her books!

I just think it's so cute that he does this! And without having the book in front of him or anything.... I'm one of those dumb moms bragging about their kid, huh? I'm sure it's not much to "brag" about but it definitely makes ME smile!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Robby is crazy...

Me: Robby, are you cute?
Robby: Yes.
Me: Is mommy cute?
Robby: No.
Me: Is daddy cute?
Robby. No. Jzhhheee-SUS cute.

Ohhhhh..... Jesus is cute. Ok.

Robby pulled off his socks in the car and was playing with his foot...
Me: Robby are you going to eat your feet?
Robby: No.
Me: Can mommy eat your feet?
Robby: No.
Rob: Can daddy eat your feet?
Robby: No. Jzhhheeee-SUS feet.

Jesus can eat his feet??

He also thinks anyone with a beard and long hair = Jesus. Like the guy at Macaroni Grill sitting at the table RIGHT next to us... "Jzheesus DARE!" Or Rob's cousin at a family Christmas party... hopefully we can teach him how to identify the real Jesus before his speech improves and everyone else understands what he's saying...

We have a book called I Am A Child of God and it has some of those pop up flaps and tabs (I'm sure lots of you have the same one) and there's a page where a Grandma is hiding behind the door and then you pull her out - Robby loves getting that book out and finding that page and yelling, "Dand-maw! DARE! (Grandma there) DAND-MAW!" What's hilarious is that now everytime he sees an older lady he says, "Dandma!" Like when we saw Grandma Hill at church for baby Kate's blessing.... that was convenient since she really is his Grandma.... but Sister Vance at church today, we said hi to her, walked away and Robby's calling out, "MORE DANDMA!" And the lady at Subway.... ahhh....

Hmmm...... how does he think of these things? It's just so fun hearing his little voice and getting to hear more of what he's thinking!!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas Eve, Day, New Years, etc.

Andrew & Becca's beautiful Christmas tree....

MaryAnn making lots of cinnamon rolls! Becca making delicious tortellini for our Christmas Eve dinner...

Nani ( MaryAnn) had two cute assistants - they were helping pat and roll out the dough.

Poppa reading Christmas stories to his fan club....

acting out the nativity....

Kids in their Christmas Eve jammies! Thanks, Parsons! All the grown ups had matching jammies too! Quattro and Annie's are the same different colors.

We had to wake Quattro up Christmas morning cause we were so excited! We opened presents at our house before going over to A&B's to meet up with everyone else....

I got Rob that awesome shoulder holster which he immediately put on and wears every chance he gets now. Quattro loved his little workbench and tools from The Magic Cabin. I only wrapped one thing - the rest was just there ready to be played with. His face was in a little bit of shock when we brought him out - it was so cute!

He LOVES this kitchen that Lindsay got him!!! We stayed up trying to put it together for hours but didn't finish it all the way. He didn't care! He loved it!

One of his favorite things about Christmas morning? All the "DANDY!" everywhere!

Robert trying on Rob's holster....

Enjoying an awesome Christmas breakfast! We had MaryAnn's cinnamon rolls (YUM! I ate at least 3....mmmm), eggs, sausage....

Reading the BYU Football History book - which Robby sees and asks to read all the time and he really will sit down and read it for like 10 minutes... the obsession continues...

Quattro got some awesome new shoes from Spencer. He opened the box and immediately started trying to put them on.

And this truck is awesome! He can sit on it and shuffle around!

Getting to hold baby Kate! Those are the girls jammies I'm modeling for you...

Playing with my new awesome camera Rob got me.... I'm excited to learn how to be a better photographer!!

Photo shoot with Aunt Ness! Robby is still asking for you Ness!!

New Years Eve - We had an early dinner at Chef's Table with Robert & MaryAnn, Amy & Nathan, A&B, and Daniel. It was a nice fancy place where they put the napkin on your lap for you... Little Andrew (who's not so little anymore!) watched all the kids for us adults during dinner! Then we came home and hung out with the kids and partied a little bit. The ringing in of the new year was a little anticlimatic but at least we had some martinellis and watched some fireworks going off at a neighbor's!

And I got kissed by the cutest boy ever! Woo woo!

Happy New Year everyone!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Pincock Christmas

Celebrating Christmas with the Pincock side.... so basically Taba & Ben and kids came down to A&B's. We had the little kids do a gift exchange which was fun to watch and had a little program.

Robby still always wants to hold James and give him kisses. It's so sweet!

Anna, Ty, Andrew, Gwen, and Robby.... we had Anna & Ty take turns reading the scriptures...

Quattro opening his gifts from Annie....

He got this cute little tie and rubber band gun! We start 'em young around here I guess! :)

Quattro excitedly waiting for his chocolate cake!!

Devouring his chocolate cake.... love this face! Ps, at least 90% of my baby pictures are of me eating.... this just reminded me of that fact...

Cute little cousins! It's so great to watch these kids grow up together!
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Christmas at our house

Our teeny tiny fake Christmas tree...

The lovely gingerbread house Rob made...

Pointsetta I won at Rob's work party...

Robby enjoying our Utah snow!

This was our FIRST Christmas here! After 7 years of living here this was our first time staying in Utah for Christmas!

And I loved it. :)

How was yours?