Saturday, May 14, 2011


We were lucky enough to get a certificate to take a class at Frontsight from a friend at church. We used 1 certificate for the both of us and did a 2 day defensive handgun course.

I will admit - I was pretty nervous but decided to just go with this and tried to act like it was normal. Rob and I have gone shooting lots of times but I'm no expert. I knew it'd be good to get more educated and have some real training with shooting a handgun to make me more comfortable.

Guys, it was so great. It was an exhausting, long, but very enjoyable 2 days. I left feeling a million times more confident - kind of on a high... I don't know how to describe it really!

Don't worry - that's my name on my hat. They put your name on duct tape on the front and back of your hat. Helpful...

It was pretty awesome. We both learned a ton - I feel much more confident with my shooting ability and am excited to keep practicing and working on it. At the end of the 2nd day we had to do a Simulation where we were in a small room (pretending it's your house) and they had bad guys (photographs) pop up. One bad guy had a little boy in his arms as a hostage that looked just like Robby and I took a deep breath and put a good shot right between that bad guys eyes! It was intense and emotional but a good experience. Heaven forbid we ever actually have to use our guns to protect ourselves but I'm grateful to be learning this.

We spent most of the time outside at this range - and then had a few lectures in this big classroom. This gives you an idea how big it is! We were surprised how many people were there! And it's not like drill sargents or feel like the military - the instructors were all super nice and very helpful and just seemed to really care about helping all of us learn as much as possible.

People going up and checking their targets...

One thing the instructor talked to me about for a bit was the importance of making a plan for your family if something bad were to happen. If there's a fire do you know where to meet? If Robby hears a noise in the middle of the night what should he do? And having some keywords to say to each other and some kind of action plan... anyway it's something we're going to work on and think about. Again, hopefully we NEVER have to use it but if we do it'd be great to be prepared.

They have a ton of land with this huge ropes course and lots of other ranges and targets for different kinds of classes.

We were outside most of the day the last two days in the ridiculous heat so at night we've been going to bed super early - after watching these funny cooking shows! Kitchen Nightmares and Restaurant Impossible. We love the food network. Sunday we checked into our hotel in Vegas where we plan on doing as little as possible and just relaxing! :)

We sure miss Quattro and we're lucky he's having a great time with A&B & fam. Both times I've called Andrew has a funny Quattro story to relay to us!

First - Robby the kid and Quattro were playing basketball and Robby the kid told Quattro, "Ok I'm BYU and you be Utah." I think at first Quattro refused to be Utah but then Andrew overheard him later say, "Ok, I will be Utah, but don't tell my dad." Ahhhhhh!

Saturday A&B took the kids to Macey's grocery store for Pirate Day where they had all these cute Pirate activities for the kids and towards the end they had their Pirate Mascot come out which was like a Pirate Moose I think he said. Of course Quattro freaked out at first but the moose was handing out ice cream and they asked him if he wanted to be very brave and ask him for some ice cream and HE DID - Andrew said he said, "May I have some ice cream?" And Quattro told me, "he was nice! He talked funny, he said, 'Of course!'" I guess after he got the ice cream he said, "i should call my mom and tell her!" (about talking to the mascot) So cute.