Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Handsome Older Man

Happy Birthday darling!

Thanks for being my best friend and such a great dad!

For me it was love at first sight... with your black roller blades and red bandana, I knew you were the guy for me. And I patiently - and not so patiently - waited for you to figure out you wanted to be with me forever too!

In some ways you haven't changed at all in the 16 years I've known you and in some ways you've changed a lot. Like there's no way you could've grown a crazy long beard back then... ;) And you've become Mr. Mountain Gun Man... And your name has changed from Robby to Rob... But constants like football and loving BYU remain. And you will always be my handsome older man!

I love seeing you and Robby together and the dad you have become.... thanks for making me so happy honey! I love you!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

(I woke up from a Sunday nap a few weeks ago to this sight - so adorable!)

Side notes...

Robby and Annie put all the candles on... I gave them a box of 20 and a few more to make 28 candles and they just put all the candles from 2 boxes on.... 14 extra for good luck?? It was quite the fire hazard. :)

And when Rob was opening his gifts Robby was sitting on me and nervously asked me, "Are there any mascots coming???" I assured him there weren't. Except Spiderman. Obviously....

Marie Diane Jeppson

Olivia's sweet mother, Marie, passed away last week... Tuesday morning... After her first stroke in 2001 I know her health has been very bad and life was pretty difficult for her. I've watched over the last 9 years as the roles reversed and Olivia became the care provider for her mother... as an only child and with her parents divorced this became such an important role in Olivia's life! I know we were there to help with the occasional move or cleaning party but for Olivia she saw and served her mom almost daily.

More importantly I know that Olivia loved her mom and now she misses her. To have her mom no longer a 10 minute drive away will take time to adjust to....

I know Marie is in heaven with the ability to run and sing again - our testimonies of the Savior and the plan of salvation have truly carried us this week and I know this knowledge comforts Olivia tremendously.

I'm so grateful for Marie and for her raising the wonderful daughter that is my best friend... I know she will be watching from heaven, smiling down on Olivia with pride.