Sunday, August 21, 2011

Time flies....

...when you're having fun!

We went to Maryland for 3 weeks to spend time with Pincocks and Parsons. I've wanted to blog about this since we got back a few weeks ago but the thought of uploading all the pictures has kept me from getting it done! Not to mention I've been really busy catching up on some pool time, doing my work from home job for Vivint, researching midwives, reading birth books, and for the last 8 days having a miserable cold.

So in Picasa I was able to make a few little collages to make posting pictures easier!

Playing at the church, visiting the temple, Lebanese Taverna and the fountains in Silver Spring, the Zoo, swimming at Sarah's pool, visiting Grandma, day trip to the beach...

Deep Creek, creamery, swimming, tubing, Kids Day, family pictures, whipped cream fight, naps on the boat, movies in the theater...

Visiting Will & Amanda who were excellent tour guides but we didn't get enough pictures WITH them, riding boats in Central Park, walking all over New York City, getting to see my childhood best friend Kristen, eating lots of good food, happy to be with friends...

Whew! Ok, there's our 3 week trip! 

I can't believe August is almost over! The summer is slipping away! Why is it so short? I had planned to go to the pool pretty much every day til summer was over but being sick put a cramp in my plans and we were just at home last week. This week I have 3 interviews with midwives set up that I'm really excited about! 

Hope everyone's summers are going well!!