Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall fun!

If I was keeping up with my blogging each of these activities would be its own post but oh well! We've been enjoying this fall weather lots and have gotten to go to some fun places.

Hee Haw Farms
 We got to take home a pumpkin...

They had a cute little petting zoo area where the kids had a blast with the animals! 

 Robby wouldn't look up because he didn't want to be the cow. Oh well. :)

After what felt like forever we made it out of the Corn Maze! Yay!

Orem Fire Department
 Demonstrations showing what a grease fire looks like... 

 Yikes! Point is don't add water and don't use the fire extinguisher on a grease fire. They said try to smother it with the lid of the pot and if that doesn't work GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and call them!

 Practicing CPR on the "doll"

Witches Night Out
@Gardner Village
 As usual Witches Night Out is the best girls night out of the year! Dancing with your girls and grabbing food afterward? Basically perfect. Another awesome year...


 This corn maze was wayyyy too hard for our group... we had to ditch out halfway through...

Halloween Parties
So far we've gotten to go to a little neighborhood party and our Ward party! I didn't take many pictures at the Ward party because we were helping so I was busy running around but it turned out awesome!
 Robby kept standing by me dancing to the music but no one else was... until we got them to turn up the music and then all the kids were rockin out! (it reminded me of myself usually bouncing around to the music by myself wanting to dance... ha ha)

 Getting ready for the ward party! We couldn't find his Spiderman outfit he wore the time before so luckily he wasn't feeling picky and put on his Superman costume which I thought worked great! He was working it!

 Robby and his cute friend Seabass... Robby gets so shy at these activities! I'm glad he had a pal to do the trick or treating with!

In honor of his recent hunting excursion... maybe I can get him to post about that later...


Robby's attempts at taking a picture of us... he and Syd were taking our pictures and we were laughing so hard because they looked so cute with their cameras pointed at us!

 This kid is my best little buddy! I'm so lucky I get to spend every day with him! He makes me so happy!

Whew! We've done a lot! And I'm exhausted! :) Pumpkinland was today - we were lucky the weather turned out perfect!!! It was great to be able to hang out and chat with the girls while the kids ran around. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A healthy baby....


I am still in shock. Can't believe it! While we would have been thrilled with either a boy or girl we really thought it'd be awesome to have one of each - then whatever happens happens but there'd just be less stress...

Before we picked up Rob we got some Jamba Juice - give baby a nice sugary kick hoping to make sure he/she would be wide awake in there! I'm glad we had Robby come to this ultrasound - he was so excited!

I can't remember all the details right now.... the ultrasound tech checked everything else first it seemed and baby looked great in every area! We have referred to the baby as a boy the whole time pretty much and even during the ultrasound I was saying, "look Robby, there's his foot!" Then I didn't even realize she was checking the baby's bottom when she announced, "Well there's lady parts!" I basically sat up and shouted, "WHAT?!?!?" I was so caught off guard and didn't realize she was just perfectly sure we were looking at a girl... she even said, "Um... is that ok?" (like oh no this woman doesn't want a girl) and I told her I didn't even dare get my hopes up for a girl so was she SURE it was a girl?? She was very confident. The picture we got isn't great but that's ok. I mean, with Robby it was so clear instantly that it was a boy that this is just harder to believe. Like she said, "there isn't as much to show with girl parts..." but she did a few other things and then checked between her legs one more time and said she was so sure it was a girl she'd "take our stuff back for us" if it wasn't.

Here's our "girl" proof picture - you can see the three white lines that mean girl...

 HER foot... not "his" like I'd said earlier... sorry little girl!

Cute little profile...
 Her "halloween" mask as the tech put it! Kind of scary angle but still just neat cause it's my baby...

While I will definitely be double checking between baby's legs the second she is born to confirm this information I'm going to go ahead and be excited about this!

As much as of course I've always wanted a baby girl I think a big part of it for me is wanting Rob to have a daughter - he is so cute with all our little girl nieces and I just think that'll be really special for him.

Luckily Robby was instantly excited about this and doesn't seem disappointed he's not getting a brother. His face was so cute when she said it was a girl... we are all going to have to get used to saying SHE now. Which is great. :)

Robby my awesome photographer.... Rob had to go to a work meeting tonight and I forget to take a picture earlier with him!

Me at our Cornbelly's outing yesterday...

We are just SO VERY HAPPY! It already was such a miracle to get pregnant.... now to be having a girl.... I just can't even believe it. I feel so lucky!!!!! We are so grateful.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Breaking Dawn

So my friends and I are renting out a theater for an early release showing of Breaking Dawn and we always make the cutest t-shirts to wear and they really are my favorite shirts ever (so cute and comfy) - also, I love that the designs are always subtle hints to Twilight not like, "I love vampires." :) So Liv and her husband Scott have come up with another awesome design for this year's shirt and if anyone's interested in ordering one let me or Liv know! Isle Esme is the island Edward and Bella go on their honeymoon!

We need all shirt orders by November 1st!!!! Either leave me a comment or go check out Liv's blog and order one from her! 
Shirts are $14 each or $16 for the plus sizes. (see sizing chart below) If you don't live in Utah County Liv can ship it to you for $2 or $3. 

and this is what the image is up close:

The shirts run small - I've always gotten XL.

Also, we have a few seats left in our theater for our early showing - it's Thursday November 17th at 7:15 at University Mall. Check my facebook post for the seating chart to see what seats we have available.

For fun check out our past years shirts:
New Moon


Monday, October 03, 2011


We signed up to do a little homeschool soccer program which was just every Friday for the month of September and Robby got to be on a team with Annie and absolutely loved it. Well, the first week he was super nervous and didn't want to be on the field unless he was holding Annie's hand tightly - yes, even while they were running. It was kind of cute... He was so scared and had anxiety all week about going again to soccer - he'd wake up in the morning and the first thing he'd ask me in fear was what day it was and was it soccer... it was so weird cause I knew he'd have a blast once he warmed up to it. Sure enough the next week was a million times better!

His group was the 4-7 year olds and there were a lot of kids and since it's pretty much just parents volunteering and running it there weren't a lot of coaches so it started out as just 2 big teams! The kids would spend the first few minutes doing "drills" or practice kicking the ball and learning a few things about the game and then would play a game. It was so cute! The kids would just follow the ball around in one big pack... I got a little video but can't get it to upload all the way so if I figure that out I'll add it.

Robby also got some sock-shingaurd things and he thought that was pretty awesome. He was brave on his last week and even got to try being goalie!

Now he wants me to sign him up for soccer again right now but we will probably wait for spring and I don't know how he'll do if he doesn't have his trusty cousin Annie with him but we'll see! This was definitely a good introduction to soccer for him and a taste of being on a team.