Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wedding Pictures - Round 2!

She looks so beautiful!

Beautiful couple, huh?

Hmm... which one is the sister-in-law?

My in-between sealing & reception look - awesome, huh?
Amy and her girls!

4 Generations of Roberts!

Here we have all four Robert Ernests! Pretty impressive, huh? I'm glad baby Robby has such great men to look up to...

Friday, December 28, 2007

Nutella face...

Um, is he not so cute?

His first taste of nutella! This has been a Pincock family favorite for a long time! :) Thanks mom and dad for our very own jar in our stocking this year!


Today I got together with an old friend, Kristen. We were best friends in Primary School and for years after even though she switched schools! We would get together every so often and had a tradition of calling each other on our birthdays each year!

I remember one time when we were in high school and hadn't seen each other for probably a year or so my mom and I just happened to be driving through NIH (trying to avoid traffic or something) and we passed this girl on the sidewalk and I barely saw her out of the corner of my eye and I yelled out, "stop, mom! I think that's KRISTEN!" And it was! (Did your mom work at NIH or something?) She was already running towards the car when we stopped.... ah, that was fun........... maybe you had to be there.....

It was great getting together with her today and catching up - we had kind of had a lapse in communication for the last.... five years?? But Kristen, I'm publicly announcing I expect a call from you on my birthday next year, you know when it is! ;D

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

We just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas today!

We had an awesome day yesterday and today celebrating with our families! Hope you all did too!

Congratulations Amy & Nathan.... again!

Last time it was happy engagement.... now they are married!

It was such a beautiful wedding! Here's a bunch of pictures:

(Um, do you see Robby's cute little shoes?!)

Family snapshot with my camera - hopefully the photographer's pic came out better!
I didn't get a super good shot of the bride and groom but maybe we'll get some more later! They are enjoying themselves in Mexico right now! Hope you two are having a blast!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Now that it's not a secret anymore...

...I can show you what I did!

I was asked to do a 9x9 quilt square for my sister-in-law Amy's wedding - they were putting together a memory quilt and my topic was Provo.... so what's there to love in Provo more than Jamba Juice?

Here's the whole quilt...

I tried to make it look like a landscape shot (see the Y on the mountain) with the Jamba cup in front... to embroider the logo I took a picture of a Jamba cup and then just kind of looked at it as I went... it was so much fun! I love having projects like this to do - it makes me remember that I really would like to be crafty.... still working on that!

So it was supposed to be a surprise so even though I finished this in November I've been holding off waiting to post about it till we gave Amy the quilt which we did last week! We had a fun lunch at Macaroni Grill and everyone who did a square came! Here's our group!

"I think I can! I think I can!"

Well, little Robby has been threatening to become mobile lately.... every day he gets closer and closer! Just look at this little "I wish I was crawling" pose he's got goin' on here...

Here's a little clip of his efforts.... notice at the beginning how he's scooching his little legs as he tries to rock back and forth.... and then he ultimately flops down on his belly and forgets completely about the fact that that he can either roll over or push himself back up....

But it looks like it won't be long till we have to completely baby-proof our apartment... YIKES!

Friday, December 21, 2007

The pic is working again . . .

The picture is back looking normal. Yeah!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

We got Robby a new highchair!

Isn't it awesome? Very innovative and sturdy!

Ha! So we've been staying at my mom's this week and we've always had this old wooden highchair but it's not really for little babies.... so we threw a little booster seat onto the highchair and used a plastic trash bag to strap him in.

My mom says, "you've got to be a Trunnell to come up with these things!" (For those who don't know - Trunnell's my mom's maiden name... she is #3 of 17 kids.... they're used to "figuring things out." That could be a whole bunch of posts on it's own though.... let's hear it for all my Trunnell cousins on the family list! :) )

Oh yeah, and Robby the Dad arrived in MD today!! He finished with all his finals yesterday and spent today traveling.... we are so glad he's here! Wahoo!!!!!

And get excited - Amy's wedding is on Saturday so we'll have lots of fun pictures to post!

First Lemon

At lunch yesterday we gave baby Robby his very first taste of a real lemon! Most of the juice had been all squeezed out and the seeds carefully discarded.... he didn't seems quite what to make of it!

He kept biting it, making a horrible sour face, and then trying it again from a new angle.... he must've figured there had to be some kind of redeeming quality to the lemon but I don't think he found any.

Monday, December 17, 2007

I couldn't resist.....

Lindsay sent me an email of someone else who had "Elfed" themselves and I thought it was hilarious and couldn't resist....

Check out the Parsons Family and their amazing moves....

What do you think? Are we good or what?

It's our 3 Year Anniversary!

Robby and I were married three years ago today! Wow.... it's gone by quick!

Since I left for MD early to hang out with my family for a few extra days we will be spending this anniversary apart. (I left Sunday, Rob comes to MD Thursday) Last year we spent the 18th traveling home for Christmas.... My mother in law says this is why she warns her kids against getting married in December, "You'll always regret it!" As much as I can see her point, I still wouldn't trade those extra few months we got from being married on 12/18/04 (as opposed to May 2005 or something) for a less busy anniversary.....

Here's a picture from us celebrating before I left Provo! Lindsay was kind enough to watch baby Robby while we went to dinner at Rice King and then went shopping at Wal-Mart (I know, super romantic!!).

(there is something behind Rob's head that makes it look like his hair is long but it isn't.... weird.)

For our 2 year anniversary here we are - I'm obviously pregnant with little Robby... I think we went to Outback and then had to come straight home cause Rob had to study for finals...

I can't find a picture from our first anniversary! Oh dear.... hmm.... relying on my memory alone is never a good thing! Well, here's a picture from our first Thanksgiving together since it's only a few weeks before our anniversary...

And.... of course.... our wedding day!

Happy Anniversary Robby! I love you!

Here comes Santa Clause...

Hurray for Christmas time!

We had our Ward Christmas party on Saturday and it was a blast! We had Macaroni Grill for lunch, a hilarious White Elephant Gift Exchange, and then a surprise visit from Santa!

If you remember Robby's reaction to Cosmo the Cougar you might suspect he would be petrified of Santa!

He started out a little wary....
But ended up actually sitting on his lap and SMILING!
Yeah! Thanks for visiting, Santa! Saved us from getting ripped off at the mall too! :)

Biter Biscuit Fun!

So now that baby Robby loves food he wants it non stop! This is great but can be pretty time consuming when I have to spoon food him. I've been on the lookout for good little "self-feed" snacks for him and came across these Gerber Biter Biscuits.

While they do the trick - allow little Robby to eat by himself and provide at least five minutes of entertainment before needing a change - boy do they make a MESS!!!

This is what the Biter Biscuit did to Robby:

Immediately following came this:

So, while this definitely won't work in the carseat or in the stroller or anywhere in public it sure was a fun "just at home before I take a bath" treat!

Other finger foods Robby's learning to love are Gerber Puffs (in any flavor), bread, and cheese.... any other ideas?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Weird header problem...

So Robby added the Google Analytics thing like Liv mentioned on her blog.... but now all of a sudden the picture of us in our header is all cropped weird... like you can only see my eyes, Robby's eyes, and Rob's nose....

I cannot figure out how to fix it! I tried deleting the picture completely but it didn't work.... I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to this HTML stuff....

Oh well.... so I know it's weird, and I'm trying to fix it!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

A day in Salt Lake....

BYU played Michigan State at the Delta Center this afternoon. I still don't really understand why they have a game at the Delta Center but it was actually pretty fun. I don't know if it was the acoustics or what but there was a lot more... noise? energy?
Would've been even better if BYU had WON - they lost 61 to 68. But Michigan is ranked #9 in the country so they were a tough team to beat.... Robby says we should've won though....

After the game we went and had dinner with Taba & Ben and their girls! We had a gift card to Marriott so we ate at the big one downtown.... it was a great dinner! We took some pictures in front of the Christmas tree there...

Before heading back to Provo we walked through Temple Square to see the lights! They were beautiful..... especially with all the snow... and little Robby looked so cute all bundled up!!