Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bedtime Boy

Thanks Aunt Lindsay for these cute new jammies! I saw they were 3T and thought, "oh, he won't fit in these for a while." Oh no. He wanted to wear them last night and they fit perfectly!

The last time he wore footie-jammies he did not like them at all! And the last time he wore zip up jammies I came in in the morning to find him naked in his crib - he'd unzipped them and taken off his diaper... he looked so proud of himself! So we haven't worn any footie/zip up jammies for months!! But I thought we'd try again...

Look how happy he is in these cute jammies!

"Quattro, what does the cheerleader do?"

"Quattro, turn around!" He turns with his back to me.
"No, Quattro, look at me!" So he keeps his body turned away but whips his head around and gives me this big smile! It was so funny!

And he lasted the whole night without freaking out about the footies! And was still in his jammies when I got him up this morning. Although the first thing he said was, "my want to take my shoes off!"

Thanks Linds!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Having fun...

We have had a great time in Deep Creek with the Parsons the last few days!

Quattro loved driving the jet skis... we let him steer and we just went in circles for a while...

Taking naps whenever kids crash on the boat... which they inevitably do...

I survived another try at skiing this year! I'm pretty proud of myself... although, not that the skiing I did was anything to be proud OF just I'm glad I got out there and did it again.

Eating hot dogs on a stick... cooking them is not super important to 2 year olds.. "it's warm, Mom!" okay, eat it raw......

Cooking next to the lake... smores! Yum!

Setting off fireworks and sparklers.... "My like baby fireworks, mom!" Yes, Quattro, we are not doing BIG fireworks, just baby ones! Except for one batch of illegal ones Poppa got that went shooting way over the roof! Pretty crazy!

Riding in back backseat as Quattro calls it.... cramming 20+ people inside or on top of the suburban... short distances only of course! ;)

Heading off in search of the perfect family picture.... yikes! Ever tried that with a group of 21?? I don't know if I'm allowed to unveil a sample of that shot - better wait for the Christmas card!

A quick one of the REPIII family!

Oh and this was the FIRST family picture I'd ever been able to blow dry my hair for! For the Parsons' side... Every year we're somewhere where we are swimming all day and then rush back to get ready for the picture and I never have the 40 minutes it would take to do my hair so I have had ugly curly hair for the last 4 years worth of Parsons Christmas Card pictures! Not this year!!! We took the pictures in the morning and I woke up early to be ready in time! Really random but it made me happy!

We've had a lovely time here in Deep Creek! It's making Rob miss living in Maryland quite a bit... but I still miss Utah!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


The day has come (almost!) - we are leaving for Maryland in the morning! Quattro has been SO excited! He cannot stop talking about going to Maryland... "afer my nap, den do to Merrydand!" No, not yet, Wednesday morning.... "My want to go to Merrydand!" over and over! We've talked about all the people we'll see there and the things we'll do and we just can't wait!

Just look at the joy!

I'm not bringing my computer so I'll have to wait till I get back next week to post pictures and everything!

Fourth of July

I hope you guys all had a great Fourth of July! The best part was just getting to spend some extra time with Rob! It's always more fun when dad's around!

We walked in another parade which was so fun! Then went out to the Trunnell gathering at my Aunt Carmen's house - this is for my mom's family, she's one of 17 kids and this wonderful lady is my Gran!

Then we took a short pit stop at home and then Rob, Robby, and I went and set up over at the field across from the MTC to wait for the Stadium of Fire fireworks! We were joined by Liv & Scott and Andrea & Kenny - we had a great time!

We are so grateful to live in this amazing country and for the freedoms we have here!