Thursday, July 14, 2011


We are happy! We are excited!!!!

It was fun to take a home test and see the 2 lines appear instantly! Getting the blood test results over the phone was huge but it was neat to see the proof on a home test as well!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Stuff I meant to blog about but never did...

I cut my hair.

I went to my cousin Stacy for a haircut and since Gwen had recently chopped her hair off for Locks of Love I felt inspired to do the same. I figured my hair might not ever be this long again so I wouldn't ever have 10 inches to cut off and still leave it as long as it would be which is the shortest you'll probably ever see my hair.

I like it. I might even consider keeping it a little short for a while before going straight back to growing it out as long as possible like I usually do.
I had really long hair. And this picture is from a Ward Rollerskating party that was great! Have I mentioned Rob and I first met at a rollerskating rink when we were 12? So fun.

Will & Amanda came out for Amanda's graduation. It was so great to see them. We miss them and are excited to visit them in New York in a few weeks! We love you guys!

 Sunday naps in the closet....

We had a great Easter. The Easter bunny came to see Robby.... I put a little trail of candy from his room leading out to this basket.

 He was pretty excited! Then we dyed eggs with cousins and did a hunt at A&B's.

We had Gwen's baptism in March...

Then Robby the kid's in April...
Pincock  side

Pincock fam

Parsons side (yes we are in both)
That reminds me - Robby said to me the other day, "I heard that when you were a kid you were a Pincock, mom!" I said "yes I was before I married daddy I was a Pincock." He said, "Oh, were Andrew and Becca and Annie and Tyler and them there?" Ha ha. I told him, "Nooo... just Andrew. But did you know that when Becca was little she was a Parsons?" *blank face* One day he'll get it.

We got swept up in JIMMER MANIA! How could you not? Although if you asked Robby he'd waver between Jimmer and Jackson Emery as his favorite...

We played "Golf Ball" at Trafalga... we could finish a round in like 10 minutes sometimes because Robby would just run ahead so fast and do all the holes himself... he'd whack at the ball over and over again until it got in the hole and then he'd be ecstactic! We sure got our money's worth out of those Pass of All Passes. We did Go Karts too at Trafalga and went to the one in Lehi also.

Saw some of my awesome Russia friends... (now we're all the way back to February, was it really that long ago??? Crazy!) Emily came into town and we got together at Nancy's place. Made me miss our good times in Voronezh! And speaking Russian. :(

Emily's Edward, Nancy's girls Miram & Rachel, Robby

Emily, Me, Nancy (Robby was our photographer)
 Bringing Valentine's doughnuts to dad at work...

Snuggling on the couch...

And an important one! The birth of 2 new little nieces and a special trip to MD in April to see them. Sarah's #5 Quincy and Vanessa's first little one Ruby who was born on Robby's bday! How fun! It felt like a fast trip but it was filled with baby love :)
Quincy and Ruby

Getting to see Grandma Hazel

Ness, Me holding Ruby (in the quilt Taba made!)

Taba, Sarah w/Quincy, me, Rach, Mom, Dad - see how I'm the shortest one in the fam?
And that's all.... for now....