Monday, August 31, 2009

Somersault into stranger...

We had a great time tonight at the Kids on the Move show at the Scera! Thanks Apx for once again providing us with a fun activity!

Robby was soooo happy and excited - just jumping around and dancing.... he got a little over excited here...

Robby took the one of Rob and I! pretty good, huh??

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Robby swimming!

My baby is swimming! SWIMMING! I have to go back and give credit to Liv's sister in law, Kristal, who gave the kids their fast taste of a swim lesson earlier in the summer! She helped them get more comfortable putting their heads under water, helped us moms get more comfortable with watching them put their heads under water... seriously, after that one afternoon Robby has been able to play in the kiddie pool w/o arm floaties and holds his breath under water for a long time... just super comfortable in the water!

So just the last few days we were practicing him jumping in the water w/o his life jacket! He said, "don't catch me mommy!!" It took me a little bit to be comfortable with that but I let him jump in and to my surprise he came paddling back up to the surface very quickly! Ah! Then I was pushing him towards the stairs and he'd float/swim a few feet.

Yesterday we went out to the pool after his nap and Rob met us there after he got home from work. He helped Robby get even MORE comfortable swimming - he would jump in and then swim, by himself!, all the way halfway across the pool to the ladder! We showed him how to swim to the wall and grab onto it, and then walk along the wall with his hands... He had so much fun! He was opening his eyes under water and swimming like a little fish! If he would just stay more on his belly he could swim even better but he kind of goes vertical after the first few seconds, making it harder for him to keep moving... but we'll keep practicing! I'm going to have to join an indoor pool for the fall/winter!

Ok, so see for yourself! This isn't his farthest stretch but you get the picture!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

"My want Rachie do it!"

Robby has a crazy memory/observation skills...

One day while all my family was in town, my mom and Rachel did some haircuts out by the pool. (they're hairdressers) The next day or so we had my mom give Robby a haircut at my house when we got back from the pool because we forgot about trying to give him one down there. Robby wasn't happy.

"My want Rachie do it. My want Rachie give me haircut. By the pool. Rachie cut Annie's hair, Becca's hair, Gwennie's hair, Anna's hair, Taba's hair.... my want Rachie do it!"

He seriously listed everyone who Rachel gave haircuts too. My mom cut Sarah's hair - he didn't mention her. And the fact he even NOTICED them getting haircuts while he was busy swimming and running all over the place is just crazy.

And just the other day we had lots of cousins over and he was at the opposite end of the pool swimming with me and he looks up and sees the kids at the other end, walking around outside of the pool, and he says, "Hey! Robby's (Pincock) wearing Anna's shoes!" I was like, uh.... what? And Taba looked over and said, "he's right! He's wearing Anna's brown flip flops!" How did he even ever notice those were Anna's shoes, her generic brown flip flops, and look up and notice immediately that Robby the kid had them on??? Just funny to me!

Sorry this is Robby story overload but it's fun to write them down to have later! I'm going to try to take a video of him at the pool today swimming to show you all. I don't think you'd believe it without the video.....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sticky Chicken

Tara & Kandice asked me for this recipe so here you go! I got it from our new Parsons Cookbook - this recipe is from Rob's cousin Heidi.

Sorry no picture.... it sounds good enough though, you'll get the idea!

Sticky Chicken
4 boneless/skinless chicken breasts
1/2 cube of margarine
1/2 of a 21.6 oz bottle of Hunt's Original BBQ sauce
1/2 of a 12 oz can of root beer or Dr. Pepper

Melt margarine in skillet. Add BBQ sauce and soda. Bring to a boil. Add chicken and coat with sauce. Cover w/lid, simmer for 15 minutes. (Usually served w/green beans and potatoes)

Super easy and fast! I served it with red potatoes and Rob ate his with extra BBQ sauce on it.

Thanks Heidi!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Robby has been saying the funniest/cutest things lately! He's getting so grown up! I wish I could record all the funny things he says each day and there are moments when I think there's no way I'll forget that but then even as I sit here trying to record some of the latest ones I know there's tons I've already forgotten! So here's a few recent things and whether here or somewhere else I'm going to try and be better at writing these things down!

Today when he was outside on the balcony playing he was singing to himself, "head me, guide me... whalk be-hide me..."

Also today while he was outside he called out to me, "Mom! Please wyipe my nose!" And so I came out and wiped his nose and when I was walking back inside he said, "Thank you mommy wiping my nose!"

This morning he was playing in his crib right after he woke up and then he started yelling, "Mom! Come 'mere reedy quick! My need to go out-hide and play baseball! With Mommy and Daddy!! Mommm!!!!"

I picked up a piece of his pop tart that had fallen and put it in my mouth. He said, "Mom, you got pop tart in your mouf, mommy?"

He still sometimes asks me to put my hair down - doesn't help with the fact that I am self conscious about myself with a ponytail! Today walking down the stairs to the car he noticed my ponytail and said, "Mom, you got your hair up?Mommy hair down!" All in one breath... sorry kid, not with this dirty hair!

Today at the gas station we were getting a drink and he looked up at this old guy with a white beard and said, "Mom, that Jesus!" The guy didn't seem too pleased about it! It was better before when he couldn't say Jesus clearly when he's pointing at look alikes in publics! Oh well!

Whenever he doesn't want to do something and I ask him why not he says, "because that bad for me!" Mmm.... how to argue with that?

Now he's into negotiating and counteroffering - like I'll say, "how about we go get our shoes on and get in the car?" And he'll say, "How bout we not get our shoes on!" It's such a fun game... just so fun to watch their minds learn and catch on to things!

He is just hilarious and I should write down all the cute things he says each day!

Reid Ranch

Where can you go to get THIS dirty?????

Reid Ranch!

The Robert E. Parsons Original family (so Rob's grandpa) was having a reunion at Reid Ranch and we went up for an evening... we were able to celebrate MaryAnn's birthday, have an awesome campfire, play with lots of cousins, and hear words of wisdom from Grandpa Parsons.

Thanks for a great time Parsons Family!

You can see the rest of the Reid Ranch pictures here....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Family Reunion

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Family! :) (We used to put all our hands on Rachel's head (my little sister, the youngest) and do a cheer, yay family!)

It was so great to see all my family last week! We had kind of a progressive family reunion with people coming different days and we just said goodbye yesterday to the last of the out of towners and now things are very quiet! Robby woke up yesterday morning and said excitedly, "who's here, Mommy?!?" I had to inform him we had no house guests that day!

Here are some of the highlights of the week!

Running through sprinklers at Taba's house...


Watching big cousins read stories to little cousins... and sleepovers...

Chasing this peacock around Tracy Aviary....

Trying to get group pics whenever possible...

Taking everyone shooting - Quattro's first time!
(Just for those worried folks, we only shot one gun at a time and had all the rest of the kids inside the cars while one kid took their turn shooting... in other words, we know what we're doing...)

Visiting Gran... (this is only 11 out of her 100 great grandkids)

Watching Thomas the Tank Engine.... in Chinese.

ONE shot of the whole group! Phew!

And if you're interested in seeing the other hundreds of pictures see here.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Yeah for Cousins!

We got to meet baby Ezra for the first time today! Sarah and Logan traveled all the way from China with their 4 kids! And we're so glad they did!

More pictures to come soon...
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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I'm not dead.....


And again I apologize to those of you not using Google Reader and if you've been checking my blog only to see the same thing over and over....

I've had a great time with my FAMILY here! Yeah!

Tonight we had a girls night out (we missed you Sarah, Rach, and Kristine!) and went out to eat at PF Changs and then were so excited to come home and watch the finale of SYTYCD and came home to find my DVR had CUT OFF THE RECORDING. It's devastating! We watched the last 40 minutes of it and even the 2 giant pieces of chocolate cake weren't enough to lift our spirits after missing the first hour and 20 minutes! AHHHH! I was just seething....

Luckily Taba also recorded it and we're going to her house tomorrow and will watch it.... unless her DVR was possessed as well! Grrr! Wish us luck.

Who do you guys want to win? Anyone but Evan. He just isn't up to the caliber that the others are. I think Jeanine is my favorite, something I love about Kayla though, and Brandon is amazing too.... I just love that show.

And now for some super random pictures from..... the last month? Forgive me for not putting links to everything and whatnot! Just trying desperately to get a post up! :)

Having fun at the Children's Museum in SLC...

We said goodbye to yellow tattered "Funny Guy" and a nice new RED "Funny Guy" moved in! For those who don't know, we drive by this thing almost every day (it's on State Street near my house) and it's one of Robby's closest friends. If it's after 8 pm Funny Guy is usually "already asleep." AKA, wireless city is closed so they put their floatie crazy thing away... and he doesn't get up before 10 usually!

Had fun taking A&B's kids to the Bean Museum so they could celebrate their 10 year anniversary! And hanging out with Syd & Rob too! :)

Did I mention we went to the AMERICAN IDOL concert? THANK YOU Lindsay! You are the best! We had so much fun!

Quattro watching Diego on the Ipod on our drive to Deep Creek....doesn't he look hilarious!?

I'll post pictures of our family reunion asap! Hope you're all doing well!