Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ready for tomorrow

Tonight when we were saying our family prayer Robby kept telling me things to add to the prayer...

I don't remember what I was saying exactly but was praying that tomorrow (the egg transfer) would go well and that my body would be strong and healthy for a baby and he interjected:

"Bless that we will HAVE a baby!"

Then I was saying something about the eggs and he added:

"Bless the eggs will turn into babies!!!"

Guess I wasn't being specific enough!!

And we were talking about having faith and how he believes he's going to have a brother or a sister one day even though he can't see them right now and he said, "Yeah, but we don't know HOW MANY babies we're gonna have because I mixed it up! One baby, two babies, three babies..." He was so serious about it too. As if all his prayers for different numbers of babies has just mixed up our order... as I've always said, we will not be picky - we'll take however many Heavenly Father sends us!

Also talking to Robby and explaining to him that Heavenly Father knows just what's best for us and when the best time to send us a brother or a sister would be so we have to trust him helped strengthen my testimony of that.

We're excited to be doing the egg transfer tomorrow - it makes this all feel so much more real! Once they're put back inside me then we just have to wait to find out if it worked! It's made me pretty emotional the last couple of days the closer we get to this point. Definitely going to have to stay busy the next 10 days! Well, the first few will be spent on bed rest so I can't be that busy but at least I'll need to stay distracted! :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Late Happy Father's Day!

I love my handsome husband!

I love that he's been around so much more often lately! And that he's been so helpful lately! I love that he and Quattro can hang out, like buddies. They go on scooter rides, wrestle, watch sports, read books... he is strong and a takes such good care of both of us.

I love a lot of things about him... and while neither of us is perfect I think we are perfect for each other.

Thanks Rob for being the best dad and husband!

We love you!

And thanks Quattro for taking these pictures of dad.... ;)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hurray for summer!

So when we're not at dr's or acupuncture apts you can usually find us at the POOL! :)

When a friend asked me, "have you come every day this week?" My response was, "yeah, but most days was only like 3 hours." I've only had a couple all day pool days - which are my absolute favorite thing - but it's ok! I'm working from home again this summer and trying to fit that in with all the IVF stuff and trying to get Robby out of the house has been a little crazy. Sometimes I feel like I'm operating with only half a brain - I think it's just taking up a lot of my mental capacity (IVF is).

But the pool has been a blast and it's great to have had lots of cousins to come play with us!

It's basically impossible to get a picture of all the cousins looking - forget about smiling! Oh well! They are a fun bunch.

I was talking to Robby in the hot tub at the pool the other day about what to name a baby if I got pregnant. He was shooting down all my ideas...

Me: "What about Jordan?"
Robby: "That's a movie name."
Me: "What about Chase?"
Robby: "No, that's a movie name."
Me: "What the heck is a movie name?"
Robby: "A name from a movie."
Me: "Is that a bad thing?"
Robby: "Yeah, I don't like movie names."

Ah ha.... then today...

Robby: "If we have a baby boy can we name him Yoda? Or Darth Vader? Or Chewbacca?"

I thought he didn't like movie names! And pretty sure he is fired from any name choosing. Chewbacca? Seriously?

Anyways! It's fun to think about what to name a baby... hopefully we get to name one again someday! Soon!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Baby stuff blog...

I decided I wanted to share all the details about my IVF journey but wanted to keep this blog more about family stuff and start a separate baby blog! That way I don't feel like I have to keep apologizing for sharing my thoughts on all this! If you are interested in more detailed updates you're welcome to read the new baby blog, if not, no problem, I'll still put the major things - like whether it works or not! - on this blog! So! There you go!


Monday, June 06, 2011


I can't remember the start of the conversation but something about it taking so long to get pregnant...

Me: "You know how mommy is always telling you to be patient?"

Robby: "Yeah..."

Me: "Well, mommy having to wait to get pregnant and have a baby helps teach mommy to be patient. And you and daddy."

Robby: "Oh!" And he got this big smile on his face like, ha, you have to be patient too!

Friday, June 03, 2011

baby steps...

Tonight Robby is off with his daddy on his FIRST fathers & sons camp out! He was so excited! I can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow! Hopefully they'll take some pictures!

So you guys have all been so wonderful and supportive and I wanted to give you an update...


Well, it's been almost a year exactly since our last step in this process... and since then I've been "trying not to think about it." You know, "relax" as the "experts" say. ;) I'm so grateful we've been happy and able to really enjoy life and the one amazing child we have even while we've continued to hope and pray every single day for another baby.

Now we're taking another step...

We are starting our first try of IVF w/ICSI. We've thought a lot about it over the last year and have decided now's the time to try it and we're able to borrow some money to pay for it and get help from family. We've started the process and the actual invitro will happen the end of June, and then we'll find out if it worked 10 days later so July 5-10 ish.

The timing will all depend on how my body reacts to the medications they'll have me on and then how fast the embryos are ready to be put back in... the doctor recommends we transfer 1-2 embryos - he said he wouldn't put 3 in unless I was much older and the egg quality was poor and he'd put just 1 if we were really opposed to twins but I think if we could get 2 babies for the price of 1 in this case it'd be great. Robby's been praying for 2 babies for the last year so maybe I'll get pregnant with twins and he'll get his wish!

It's a pretty intense process, lots of injections and medications for me and some for Rob and lots of doctor's apts and time it'll take but we feel like this is the right thing for us to do right now. I would be due middle-end of March so just before Robby turns 5! I don't feel any kind of guarantee going into this but according to the doctor we talked to we have about an 80% chance of it working.

If it doesn't work - we will probably have embryos left over that we will be able to freeze and a frozen cycle will be about $3000 as opposed to a fresh cycle like we're doing that's $11,000. So a much more affordable option and we'd try that again probably pretty soon after if we can.

We are also doing acupuncture in conjunction with IVF. There are studies that show doing acupuncture with IVF has higher success rates. Trying to increase our chances as best as we can!

I'm kind of torn between wanting to write down every little detail and wanting to just wait and see what happens and then tell you all... maybe it's time for me to start an actual journal so the whole wide world doesn't have to read my personal stuff! But for some reason it helps... sharing it with people... putting it out there for someone to find if they're in the same situation or wondering how this all works! We'll see.

It's a weird thing - wanting to be excited, trying to be hopeful, and trying to stay realistic. It's a weird mix of emotions. But I'm definitely happy to be doing something more to try to have another baby! And definitely just saying lots of prayers...

Funny Robby story - today as I was giving myself my morning shot of Lupron (here come some details) Robby asked me, "well, maybe we will get THREE babies since you are getting so many shots!" I kind of laughed and said, "no, honey, we won't get three babies, we might get one baby, maybe two, but not three!" He quickly said, "I'm gonna say a prayer!" He ran to his room, knelt by his bed and prayed, "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the day, please bless that mommy will have three babies. Please bless mommy will be stronger than all the other mommies. Name of Jesus Christ, Amen." He's hilarious...