Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hogle Zoo

We had a great time at Hogle Zoo today. Liv and I were both taking pictures and it was fun seeing the ones she sent to me - wish she could follow us around taking pictures more often! I'm never IN the pictures! And it was funny the moments she captured...

wiping faces while looking at baby giraffe...

getting Robby down from rocks he isn't supposed to be climbing on....

After whining to get on this dang rhino Robby wouldn't be happy no matter what position he was in.... ahhhhh......

But we did have some fun....

see the spider in my glasses??? Liv's idea this one...

Monday, September 21, 2009

In love with Luke

Look at this little sweetheart.... I'm a lucky auntie....

Black eye & BYU

My little man got his first black eye!!!

Last Thursday Liv and I came back from our workout to the daycare to find Robby had gotten a big bump on his eye. He had been climbing on a little lego table and slipped and bonked his eye... and sure enough the next day that bump had turned into a scratch and a beautiful black eye.

But don't worry - he's tough!!!

And I think it kind of fits him, don't you think??

Also a first - Robby went to his first BYU game of the season! Well, the first half of one anyway! He got to go down on the field with his dad before the game and meet these nice "Cheerleaders" (really cougarettes but he calls them cheerleaders). He looks a little scared but trust me he was excited to tell me all about it when he got home!!

Robby was excited to go to the game with his dad.... he was saying, "My going to da BYU hootball game, and daddy going, and Will going, and not YOU." (pointing to me) Oh. Well then. No, I know he had a BLAST and he can't wait to go to another game.

That hopefully they'll win.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

I can never think of blog post titles.

I love getting my hair done! I only get to do it a few times a year and my roots are always so bad and my hair is screaming for a trim by the time it comes around and there's just something about it.... I ignore that feeling trying to wait as long as I can and then I become desperate and call my wonderful cousin Stacy asking for her to fit me in ASAP before I hack my hair off myself!

And she always does.... fit me in... and I always LOVE it! I come in with a general idea of what I like and then just trust her to do whatever and I'm always happy!

Here's the before pictures - don't mind my weird/tired expression here and weird I washed my hair and brushed it out but didn't blowdry it at all or anything strange curly ish hair:

and the AFTER:

Now I just need Stacy to come over and style it for me once or twice a week! :)

If you are looking for a good hairdresser give Stacy a call! Check out her blog!

I have to say thanks for my wonderful friends helping watch Robby so I could go! When I told Rob I had a hair apt Thurs at 5 he was like, "what did you do that for??" This happens to be THE busiest time of year for him at work and he's been working late and not really available to come home early for me to get a haircut! Go figure! ;) Thanks Liv and Linds!

And this is hilarious - Linds picked Robby up from Liv's and I missed a call from her while my color was processing. I get a text from her saying, "I called but we're fine now - just needed a Robby translation. Costa Vida sounds a lot like darth vadar."

I died laughing!!!! I'm assuming she asked him where he wanted to eat and he actually knows when we're in that Provo area that Costa Vida is there and has a little play place and he loves it! Ahhh....

When I got home Rob has just put Robby to bed so I went in to say goodnight. He told me about his fun with Lindsay...

Robby: my went to Costa Vida and my ate ice cream!
me: Oh, you ate ice cream!?
Robby: but not at Costa Vida.
me: where?
Robby: mmmm..... ?

I found a little cup of Cold Stone ice cream in the freezer. Rob said he got blue cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears and chocolate chips. I can just totally picture his excited face picking out blue ice cream because he wants blue everything and the joy at having candy in his ice cream!!! Wow!! Thank you Aunt Lindsay for being so good to my little man!!!

And one more... sorry...

Robby was sitting on Rob's lap in the office and they were listening to music on the computer and Robby wanted to get down...

Rob: Can I hold you for a minute?
Robby: Noooo....
Rob: Why??
Robby: Because it's bad for you.
Rob: No, it's not, it's good for me!
Robby: Mmm.... because it's bad for ME.

ahhh..... he always says that. That's his answer for why I shouldn't put his shoes on or change his diaper or whatever.... "because it's bad for you!" Or "because it's bad for me!"

He just make me laugh so much...

Him with my old firefighter pooh bear (i kind of have a collection) - signing firefighter...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Come see NEW MOON with us!!!

Well, we were looking at New Moon tickets and wanted to go to a midnight showing but didn't want to wait in line for 5 hours for our seats sooooo..... we rented a theater!

Want to come???

12:53 am Friday November 20th (opening day!)
(so basically it's Thursday night)
University Mall Cinemas

Let me know asap if you're interested and how many tickets you'd like!

I mean, seriously, you're going to want to see THIS:

Thursday, September 03, 2009

New Pincock boys

Robby is very lucky to have 2 new little cousins!

Last week Kristine (Joel's wife) had their second little one, Levi Anthony Pincock.
August 27th at 6:20 am
8 lbs, 11 oz and 21 inches

We can't wait to meet little Levi!

And today I was lucky enough to be at the birth of Andrew & Becca's darling fourth child - a BOY! They are still deciding on his name.
September 3rd at 4:40 pm
7 lbs 1 oz, 20 inches

Robby was soooo excited to meet his new baby boy cousin!
(And ps he had just come from running around Rob's warehouse at work so I had to throw him in the bath which is why he is all wet and in a diaper...)
Just look at that excitement though... can't wait till he can have a little baby brother or sister too...

Hurray for new babies! Congratulations to you guys!!!