Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Moving Sucks

That's it. I just wanted everyone to know that I HATE moving :( And I'm not even doing hardly any of the work. My wonderful wife is doing most everything. But I still HATE it.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Poll Results April 27, 2008

Question: What is your favorite season of the year?

Summer: 7
Fall: 7
Winter: 1
Spring: 7

So it seems that the seasons are pretty much loved by everyone--except for winter :) Of course I wonder if these results would be the same at the end of the summer.


Here he is! My college graduate! Congratulations, Rob!

The Marriott Center was completely packed on Thursday... what a sight!

We put this cute BYU jersey on Robby to show his support for his daddy! I thought it would've been cute for Rob to carry him across the stage but not so cute for him to have to deal with him during the rest of the 2 1/2 hour ceremony! Oh well!

Rob's parents and brothers flew out - Daniel's not in this pic cause he left Friday am - and then there's Rob's sister, Amy and her husband, Nathan. Everyone is very proud of Rob's accomplishment!

Two BYU grads! Hooray for no more school!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008


Since a post w/o a picture is just not as neat here's a cute picture of my handsome boys to go with this random post.

About my picture tag - the hobby one - Maran said, "What is a fly girl? It reminds me of cheerleading." While I wish it was a "Fly girl" like from In Living Color - oh I loved watching them dance and trying to imitate them! - ha ha, no, is a website about how to get your house/life organized! I like the website and all the tips it gives! Organizing stuff is a hobby of mine.

About us moving Tiffany asked where our new place will be. It's a condo in North Orem that we'll be renting! It''s brand new and we're excited to get away from campus. I'm most excited about the kiddie pool it will have! Gotta have something to do while Rob's at work all hours of the day this summer.

Car update - so we sold the Jetta, and now we are down to the Highlander, which is great, and the Blazer, which has been parked on the street, dead, since the end of January. We had the Blazer towed finally today to a car place just up the street and we're waiting for a call to see what the damage is, why it won't start, and how much it would be to fix it. Depending on that Rob just might drive that for a while or we'll sell it and figure something out.

KATD, Robby might be getting closer to walking but Lily's got words! That's so cute that she says "hi" - Robby says da da, just starting to say ma ma, and makes a big lion roar for every animal noise.... I'm excited for when he starts to talk, I want to hear his little voice!

About the stupid spam comments, you probably noticed we added the feature where we have to review the comments before they are published... I don't love that so much, I'm thinking of changing it to the word verification thing so at least the comments are posted instantly... I don't know.

Anything I missed?

I like you guys. I'm grateful for blogs - it's so fun to be able to keep up with all ya'll in such an interesting way!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Picture tag...

Maran tagged me with this fun pictures only tag.... you describe your favorites only using pictures. No words! This will be interesting for me since I am always pretty wordy...




Vacation Spot:

Worst habit:




I tag:

Final finals...

Here's Rob on his very last day of school! Most likely EVER. At this point getting an MBA is not on his to-do list. He feels like he can accomplish what he wants in the business world without one so unless his goals change he won't be getting any further formal education...

He took one final Friday night and he has two to go! Then graduation Thursday and Friday.

It's been a tough weekend since we need to be packing, Rob needs to be studying, and we both were asked to speak in church tomorrow. Yikes! I can't think of anything that makes my stomach turn more than public speaking. Ahhh....

Friday Robby and I played around on campus while Rob took his test.... he desperately wanted to get in the fountain! I can't wait till we can take him swimming again, he will be so happy! He's getting better and better at walking - here's a clip of him pushing around the stroller all by himself!

Friday, April 18, 2008


We mentioned that Rob got a job and we'll be staying in Utah! Hurray! But we are still moving... we need to be out of our place at the end of THIS month and we'll be moving into a new place the end of NEXT month... How does that work out? Well, we're going to be in Maryland the first half of May (Rob will only be there for a week and we'll stay longer) and then we'll hopefully be able to stay with family until we can move into our new place - they are being finished being built.

We're really excited about getting into a new place, having a change of scenery, getting further away from campus... it'll help make it feel more like a life change. I'm most excited about the kiddie pool that our new place will have!! Hurray!

So with that being our situation we are currently trying to pack up our place and prepare to live out of a suitcase for a month. Packing is not fun. I feel like we have soooo much stuff. We have about 2 big boxes full of games - that's a lot for people that don't actually really ever play games!!!

Psst... my husband is a serious pack rat! He insists that we keep about 4 different versions of Monopoly even though we never play it and if we did we'd only need 1!!! And that's only a small example... Ok, don't tell him I told you that...

If anyone has any bright ideas on where to get moving boxes, preferably for free!, let me know! I'm about to start driving around and checking dumpsters. Oh, I did check Craigslist and KSL - lots of people asking for boxes not so many offering....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Poll Results April 16, 2008

Question: What is your favorite brand of ice cream? (Price is no object)

Ben and Jerry's: 10
Haagen-Dazs: 5
Breyers: 1
Dreyers: 3
Edy's: 0
The ginamunous store brand gallon tub: 0
Turkey Hill: 0
Snell Grove: 1

So I made up the word ginamunous. I think it's much more descriptive that ginourmous. And it's more fun to say. And I'm a little surprised that Dreyers got more votes than Breyers. I grew up on Breyers. It's my moms favorite ice cream so we had a lot of it. But Ben and Jerry's got my vote!! I love the half baked Ben and Jerry's. It's so good.

New steps! New steps!

Ok so Robby took his very FIRST step about a week before his first birthday when I was at Lisa Kearn's house... it was a mini step. But it was a step! Then I remember Amy telling me he had taken a few steps while she was watching him April 1st.... and now he's taking steps all over the place! He's also gotten better at standing up without holding onto anything!

Here's two short videos of him taking a few steps on Sunday!

I'm excited for him to be able to walk so we can play outside without getting so dirty!

P.S. It reminds me of the part in Strictly Ballroom, "new steps! New steps!!!" Ha ha.... has anyone else even seen that movie?

Tulip Festival

Monday we had a great time visiting Thanksgiving Point for their Tulip Festival. It's fun having Taba and her girls around to invite me to go on little excursions with them. We walked all around - it was a lot of walking! - and stopped at different fountains and gardens. The kids would've loved to jump IN the fountains but they settled for lots of splashing! The weather was perfect with great sun and a cool breeze. I love the kids with their little hats on! Of course Robby kept pulling his off but it was cute while it was on!

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"Comment Deleted"

So if you haven't noticed there have been several comments lately that we've deleted. Don't worry it wasn't someone saying something rude or sketchy it's just these random dumb comments that are links to ads or something. Like it will be from "Guhn" and all it says is: "See Please Here." And the word here is a link so some random ad. So we might be enabling that word verification function when you post a comment to make it more difficult for computers to randomly post comments which I'm not sure how that process works but whatever it is it's annoying. The other option is to make the comments have to be approved before they're posted. So don't be surprised if you see either of those things happen soon.

Have any of you had problems with dumb comments on your blog???

It arrived!

Sorry I'm a loser and haven't blogged about this yet but the car seat came Monday afternoon! Hurray! I couldn't put it in the car till Tuesday morning and that was when he had his very first ride in it! He seemed like he was kind of in awe of his new position. While I don't think the car seat has made him LOVE being in the car it certainly seems to make it more bearable! Thank goodness!!!! I wish I'd gotten a video of him when he had his first ride in it but oh well!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Family Pictures

I wanted to get some family pictures taken for Robby's first birthday and Russ was kind enough to do them for us! We did them Saturday evening at the gardens at Tahitian Noni - which were just open to the public so if you haven't been there you should go stop by, it's beautiful!!! You should also check out Russ' blog to see the other great pictures he's taken!

Here are the pictures he sent us today!

Thank you, Russ & Holly!

hangin' out at Carmax

After I recently posted about the Jetta getting out of the shop it went back into the shop less than a week later. It wasn't the oil light this time - it was the temperature gauge. Ughh.... They replaced the water pump and it didn't end up costing too much but we were just worried about what would happen next. So, we took the Jetta to Carmax Thursday night and had a good experience. It wasn't too busy so it didn't take too long and they even had a fun little play place that we could hang out in. Robby liked using the walkers to walk and to sit in....

We got a decent offer on the Jetta and so we took it and we'll put the money towards figuring out our current car situation!

Company Party!

We had a great time Saturday afternoon at Apx's Company Party! I'm so glad Scott is now working at Apx too so we could all hang out together. The only bad thing about the party is that I did NOT get a picture of Lindsay in her basketball shorts!! Dang it!

It was an awesome party - great food, music, moon bounce, cash box, cotton candy, Rob even played in a bball tournament.... Apx really does know how to throw great parties. It was Robby's first time on a moon bounce and I was a little wobbly and pretty nervous - Liv and I took Robby and Syd together and we were both just holding on to the kids for dear life, trying not to drop them, or get trampled by the bigger kids running past us.... Rob was a little less timid with him and they went down the giant moon bounce slide... Robby had a ball!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Jack!

Tonight we went to Jack's birthday party! Even though his birthday isn't until the 13th we wanted to give him a little shout out!

I remember first meeting Jack and finding all those crazy similarities! It was great to meet another mommy going through some of the exact same things I was!

Now I have to say these kids are actually a pretty cute group! And Robby sure loves Jack! We're so glad to have Jack and his mom and dad as friends!

Hope you have a great birthday, Jack! We love you!

I am so impatient.

Those who know me know I am pretty impatient. I don't like wasting time and I like to control as much as possible.

Rob's parents were kind enough to offer to get Robby a big boy car seat for his first birthday! I was so excited about this purchase I couldn't even wait for them to come out for Rob's graduation to shop for this so I started looking online and found an amazing deal on a Britax Marathon. My mother in law was nice enough to let us order this one and now I'm just waiting for it to arrive!

Waiting.... I ordered it April 5th. It shipped April 7th. I have the tracking number for UPS.... which I check about 6 times a day to see exactly where in the country it is and why it isn't at my door yet!!! It has been stuck in Hodkins, IL since April 9th. Grrrr.....

I am impatient. I know this. I am just really excited for this carseat. I am really excited for Robby to sit forward facing in the car. The last several days have been especially bad when it comes to the car seat.... I get near the car and he starts gripping my shoulder.... I open the door and tell him he just has to get in his seat for a few minutes and he cries and stiffens his body. Ugh.... I am really hoping that sitting forward facing will make him a happier boy in the car. Which will make a happier mom in the car! :)

Come on, UPS! Hurry up! Every time I see a UPS truck coming down our street I watch out the window and watch as they deliver some package to someone else hoping he'll hop back in his truck and come out with a very large box and head in our direction.... Maybe Monday? Hopefully!

P.S. I know I am crazy.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Idol Gives Back

The Parsons fully support American Idol's fundraiser Idol Gives Back. We didn't even realize that it was on tonight but were happily surprised! I love that they donate the money they raise to so many different causes. It really seems like the money goes so far! So give them a call or get online and donate what you can!