Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gymnastics Recital

Robby had a gymnastics recital last night which was so adorable! We've been sick all week so I was really hoping he wouldn't miss it. He was doing ok yesterday so we decided to just go for it. He had such a great time showing off his "cool tricks" to everyone. He was even lucky enough to have his best little buds, Liv's kids, show up to cheer him on!

The three little kids are Robby's preschool class and then there were three big kids were an older class she had. I love how in this picture Annie is whispering to Quattro... they had so much fun being in the same class together!

Balancing on the beam...

Warming up... doing some bridges...

Doing his little donkey kicks... this is how they learn to do handstands. Now he can balance on his hands a second and he'll go all the way over and kind of land on his back... and do handstands against the wall... it's neat to watch them get better at the things they're learning.

Bridge meltdowns on the cheese mat...

So proud of our little guy!

With his best buddies!!!

Now gymnastics is over... Miss Kandice is going to have a baby and is taking a break from teaching... anyone have any other ideas for a fun, not expensive activity like this for Quattro? Annie's going to do a little ballet class and while I'm sure he would LOVE doing that too Rob is putting his foot down on that one... and everything else seems too expensive or too intense... ideas?

Sunday, December 05, 2010


I know I haven't been blogging as much lately... sometimes my heart and mind are just so full with deeper thoughts that it's difficult to not share so at the risk of constantly oversharing I think I've just not written anything... does that make sense? So here's just a few thoughts because my heart is overflowing and I need to get some things out...

I'm grateful for Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time surrounded by family and good food.

I'm grateful for Christmas - and the chance to teach Robby about the true meaning of Christmas and in the process remind myself!

I can't NOT be grateful and happy with my life right now. I thank Heavenly Father EVERY DAY for the amazing little boy that I have and wonderful husband and just a great happy life. I can't even believe they are mine and we get to spend each day together! Obviously we are heartbroken and sad and want to have another baby and we pray for that every day... "Please bless for a baby... please bless for a baby brother and a baby sister... please bless that mommy's tummy will get big and pregnant..." It breaks but warms my heart to hear Robby's sweet pleas to our Father in Heaven.

Sometimes he'll come up to me after he sees me finish praying and ask, "Did Heavenly Father say we could have a baby?" Or if we are going to the temple he asks, "Are you going to get a baby there?" Or when I went to the hospital to be with Liv he asked, "Are you going to get a baby at the hop-is-it-tal?" He can't quite wrap his brain around it. But I know he has faith and he believes that one day he will have a brother or a sister and we do too.

It's just hard... the illusive "one day"... and "somehow".... you want to be doing all that's in your power to move things along and yet being restrained by money and not knowing what's going to work exactly is difficult and frustrating.

But I'm grateful that I know where to look for comfort and guidance and that I am still able to enjoy the NOW... the present... my hilarious son and darling husband. It's weird to feel such a mix of emotions on a daily basis. I know it's because of my faith and my hope that I'm able to fully enjoy each day as it is and I'm so grateful for that.