Sunday, May 31, 2009

Congratulations Cheryl!

Saturday we had the pleasure of going to Cheryl's wedding reception!

It was great to see old friends like Bishop & Sister Whetten and Angela & Richard & Meredith!

The girls...

I wish I had a picture of just Cheryl and her new husband, Rob! They both looked wonderful!

SOOOOOOOOOOO Happy for you Cher!

My newest niece...

Ezra Whitney Wilcox
9 lbs 3 oz
21 inches
May 25, 2009

Welcomed by Ashley (3 1/2), Samara (6), and Rocky (almost 2)....

My beautiful older sister Sarah is the proud mom in this fam! Her and Logan are keeping these cute kids all to themselves over in China!! Can't wait to see you guys in August!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Robby's 2 year check up

I haven't had a chance to write about Robby's 2 year check up since all the craziness of my life the last month.... We went for his apt a few weeks after he turned 2 because we were going to combine it with my next apt for my pregnancy. It worked out that it was just when I was starting to complete my miscarriage so the timing worked well, just not the way I'd originally anticipated!

At our last visit I remember Robby got a little nervous when she tried to look in his mouth and I thought I'd try and prepare him better for this visit. We printed off these cute Blues Clues doctor visit pages and colored them and talked about the different things Dr. Savage would look at. "Is she going to look in your ears like this?" We practiced with the tools in his play doctor's kit and we especially practiced opening his mouth nice and big for the doctor which he got pretty good at. Most important I really talked up Dr. Savage and how she was so nice, and how she was there when he was born (he's really into pointing out the hospital as we drive home and he says, "me born there!"), and she's our friend....

So the preparation really paid off! We walked into the office and Robby threw his arms up in the air (go BYU style) and shouted, "Dr. Savage!!!" Like, hurray! We made it! :) It was so funny. The other 2 people in the waiting room looked pretty confused but that's ok. We talked to the receptionist and I pointed out the nurses and just acted like it was the most exciting thing in the world! We were playing a little catch with his football when Dr. Savage came into our exam room and Robby immediately started throwing the ball to her and acted so comfortable with her instead of being shy like he often can be. He let her examine him and opened his mouth so big she didn't need to use the tongue depressor... I was really proud of him! He did have one shot, which I had warned him would hurt but only for a minute, and he cried for a second after until the nurse brought him a jar of laffy taffy's to chose from! Then he was all about it!

He just acted like such a big boy! I was so proud of him!

And for journaling purposes here's his stats...

weight 28 lbs 6 oz - 50th percentile
length 35 in - 70th percentile
head 48 cm - 25th percentile

I still think it's hilarious that regularly people will be like, "he's 2?! He's a BIG boy!" or "how old is he? Oh, he's pretty small, huh?" Really, it's quite humorous how people perceive children's sizes so differently. He's definitely 100 percent normal. :)

So some other thoughts about Robby being 2.... we switched to a toothpaste with a little bit of flouride so we're working on mastering "brush, rinse, spit." He's pretty good at it so far! I think the thought of him swallowing flouride freaks me out a little!

The little paper they gave me talked about looking for potty training readiness.... it's weird cause he's gone on a potty randomly for about a year.... he used to go a couple times a day and then he slowed way down... I've never tried "potty training" him I just got the little potty seat so he could try it if he wanted to and never pushed it. I just wonder when he'll get to the point where he'll be fully ready to potty train.... as long as it's before the next baby is born I think would be great! Which at the rate we're going we'll have PLENTY of time before that happens! :/

The safety section on the handout reminded me that I have a little boy who is just testing out the world right now! Lately his daringness in the pool has increased and he's jumping into the water and swallowing a ton and spitting it out and gasping for air... and then doing it again 2 seconds later.... ah! And he loves jumping off furniture... like tables. He always has all these "banana bruises" (his legs look like a banana with little bruises all up and down them!) from his stunts. Just tonight when we were getting him ready for bed he bashed his forhead into his dresser and had a bump that looked like a grape popping out.... yikes!

I have a bunch more Quattro stories and quotes I want to blog but I'll save them for another post... get excited! ;)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mt Timpanogos Park

It certainly was an "outdoorsy" weekend for us! Saturday after we got back from camping we (er, me) took a big nap and then we all washed one layer of outdoors off and then zipped off to meet Andrew & Becca and Amy & Nathan at Mt Timpanogos Park for a little picnic and hanging out.

I'd never been to that park before - it's in Provo Canyon, between the 2 Canyon parks (Cayon Glen & Canyon View), there's just a little sign pointing off to the left and then it's tucked away back there... it was beautiful!

Aren't they just the cutest family? Little Kate is such a doll & loves sucking on apples...

Robby just had a blast walking all over the place!!!

The happy couple.... Rob sure is happy to be spending all this time in the great outdoors... and I'm happy for shade. ;)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hobble Creek

Rob has been wanting to go camping for a very long time and while I said sure I'd go I wasn't helping pin down a date by any means! So when Will & Amanda said they wanted to go with us before they left town this weekend we got in gear pretty fast!

Luckily Utah has lots of camping places nearby! Lots of them are still closed until Memorial Day though - I figured out why when midnight rolled around and our firewood ran out and it was FREEZING! We went up Hobble Creek Canyon to Cherry Campground.

Rob eventually wants to go on a camping trip where you actually have to hike in, stay for more than one night, and be miles from civilization and other people.... I'm more into things like.... toliets. ;) And those who know me know I don't really love doing outdoorsy things and my only previous camping experience was an overnight hike for Girls Camp about 12 years ago...

So we comprised by going to a campsite that has toliets and running water (just a water pump faucet thing) and I got to bring 2 pillows.

First time using our tent... and Will & Amanda had packed their big tent already so they pulled out this mini tent which is not much bigger than Quattro's play tent from Ikea.... but it was so cold that the closer the better I guess!

It was nice to be able to have the car right there to put our food and stuff in. We had a table and a fire pit there.

I was so glad to find some running water!

I asked Amanda to bring some firewood since Rob insisted we just find it there.... so she brought some and then Will & Rob grabbed a bunch from the woods - you can use whatever you can find - and then had to chop it up!

We were right next to the creek which was beautiful!

The water was so beautiful Will decided to fall in! Robby was so sad I wouldn't let him get in the water!

Then what's a good activity without a good photo shoot???

We took about a million pictures of Robby!

He insists on putting his BYU jersey on all the time - the key is hiding it so he doesn't see it then he won't think about it. He found it in the laundry basket this time...

We made hot dogs and smores and also had fruit salad and macaroni salad.... We actually ate just before we went up so that we wouldn't be all cranky and hungry when we were waiting for the fire and to get all set up... it worked out perfectly!

Robby got to stay up so late - he didn't want to miss out on the party! I was actually shocked he fell asleep in the tent by himself! I spent most of the night trying to make sure he didn't freeze to death as he constantly rolled around out of his covers... and then as soon as the sun was up he woke up and was so excited to be next to mom and dad he just started playing immediately! So not the most "restful" trip but still really fun.

Thanks to the boy scout who took our group shot!

Thanks for going camping with us, Will & Amanda! We are sure going to miss you while you're in New York this summer. :(

BYU boy

He saw his BYU jersey in the laundry basket and insisted we put it on over his shirt. This was just before we went camping and he was so happy and excited!

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What to do when your kid has...

....hand foot mouth disease.... again! Bah! Robby had this last summer and it was awful and the doctor told me, "well, it's good now he won't get it again!" Kind of like the chichen pox. An awful virus but once you have it you are done. WRONG. There are actually 4 different types of viruses that cause HFM disease and now he'll be immune to 2 out of the 4.... grr.... It started with a diaper rash, then red dots/bumps on his legs & arms, then little blisters on his hands & feet and big canker sores/ulcers on his tongue and mouth. And there's nothing to treat it - you can just treat the symptoms. So it's pretty painful and causes cranky children!

Since it's contagious (direct contact and mostly among children but adults could get it) that has meant no gym or pool ALL WEEK LONG. I'm writing this now while he's napping because I took him home after sacrament meeting today since I couldn't bring him to nursery. So we've tried to get outside some and I've tried to do some more fun things at home but it's been hard not doing our usual fun stuff.

Robby did have a blast playing with stamps! He decided he'd give himself some stamps all over his arms! Luckily it's washable ink and came right off in the tub!

And what else to do when you have HFM but play with other children who have HFM! These kids are always together so they either got it from the same place or Robby gave it to Syd - Rob for some reason has been holding out and hasn't gotten it yet. I just hope he doesn't get it next week on the tail end of Robby & Sydney's cause that's another week of quarantine! Yikes!

We did get out Tuesday night for Malea's bowling birthday party! Happy Birthday Malea!!!

The HFM started Monday/Tuesday and he is feeling much better and almost all his little blisters are gone so hopefully we can get back to our regular activities this week! We did have a really fun weekend I need to blog about now...

Mother's Day weekend

I had a great Mother's Day weekend this year! Saturday Amanda came and played with Robby while Rob and I ran some errands. Later that night I discovered these adorable pictures Amanda took on my camera!

Then we went to the APX company party which I didn't take pictures of so Liv & Linds can you send me some?? :) It was a ton of fun - Robby cried when we left... they had moon bounces and great food and I even won a little IPOD! It was awesome!

After the APX party we went to meet my cousin Lindsey in the canyon for a little party she was having. She lives in CA so we never get to see each other - it's so great to see her kids and see her as a mommy!

(Mirabelle, me, Robby, Jasper, Lindsey)

Then Sunday morning Rob let me sleep in while he got up with Quattro. It was nice to take my time and take a shower... I came in the living room to find some awesome Mother's Day gifts! Amanda had apparently taken all those cute pictures to help Rob make that cute accordian picture card! Amanda helped Quattro make the grapes picture, the bag with his handprints and footprints, little flower pot, and painted potholder!

Then Rob made German Pancakes, with a little of my help ;), and then we had meetings before church. Rob also had to speak in church which was nice to hear him talk and Robby actually slept through half of sacrament meeting so that was a double bonus. And as an extra mother's day gift Robby went to nursery with no crying or sadness at all! He was so excited to go! Yeah!

After church we went to Andrew & Becca's for dinner. We had bought some nice steaks at Costco which were really yummy! And I got one semi good picture of me and Robby before he refused to cooperate!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

More fun w/J&K

A fun day at Thanksgiving Point's Farm Country....

(Joel & Joe, Tyler, Robby, Becca, Annie, Kristine, Me & Robby)

One last hurrah at cousin Kristin's house...

Joe, James, & Robby...

Me & Robby, Joel & Joe, and Taba & James...

4 out of the 7 Pincock kids. I think all of us siblings look so different... Taba & I look the most alike probably but really we all look so different in my family!

Here's the whole group.... this was the day we blessed Robby, in May 2007....

I'm so glad you could come out to visit Joel & Kristine!!! We'll miss you in August! (when the rest of the family comes out to UT)