Friday, November 27, 2009

grateful for...

Yesterday we had all the kids make grateful turkeys and I helped To Robby write what he was grateful for on the feathers... it was so cute! he came up with them all by himself. He said:

my family, nursery, BYU, more family, and mom and dad.
So sweet! I'm so grateful for my family too! And my wonderful friends. And good food!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

testing testing

trying out blogging from my phone. tricky but neat!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Rob!

Really late but Happy Birthday Rob!!! :) I knew it would be a really busy week for me so I was feeling bad that I wasn't going to do a big bday sha-bang so I was thrilled when Rob's people at work invited Robby and I to come to a surprise bday party for Rob!

Surprise! He had NO idea!!!

They really knew what kind of cake Rob would want, huh?? It was pretty tasty!

Ordered some yummy food....

Robby loves playing at daddy's work!

Yeah for Apx Inventory!

Then the next day, Rob's actual bday, was a little crazy - I had the Primary Program rehearsal in the morning but Rob had big plans for the day anyway! Football, football, and more football.... started the day playing football with guys from the branch, then spent the rest of the day at home watching it.... not super exciting but that was what he wanted to do and I couldn't really handle planning much else so it worked out! He was mostly excited that I finally let him get a shotgun for his birthday/Christmas present so he didn't really care what we did.

Check out my amazing decorations.... yeah right....

I let the kids help me design the cake and put their own personal touches on it...

Robby loved helping daddy blow out his candles...

Oh yeah, the morning of Rob's bday I went in to get Robby out of his crib and said, "remember it's Daddy's birthday?" And then Rob walked in and right away Robby started singing, "Happy Birthday to you.... happy birthday to you...." all by himself! It was so cute!

Happy Birthday dad! We love you!

Monday, November 16, 2009


So when I was sick a few weeks ago a very nice person (Katie Pendleton) brought me homemade chicken noodle soup. It was delicious. And I was in love with the homemade noodles she'd made! Since then I've been wanting to try to make it and when Liv was sick the other day I thought I knew just the thing that would help!

Using some tips from Katie and a recipe I found online for egg noodles I did this:

I can't find the same one I used but it was like 1 cup flour, 1 egg, use 1/2 egg shell full of milk, pinch of salt.... I trippled that and ended up using a little extra milk to make it the right consistency.... it made a ton of noodles! (like 5 times what is shown here)

Funny Robby story....

Rob was getting Robby ready for church and he put on this cute blue blazer and Robby comes running to me and says, "Mom! I look like a prophet!"

Helping mom make cookies... and wearing underwear.... (more on that coming)

Loving life at the BYU basketball game! We wait till the game is over and all the people have gone and then some and then he can go run on the court. He kept yelling at Cosmo, "Dosmo! Dump on the Y!" (Cosmo! Jump on the Y!) He wanted him to jump on the letters and have the crowd say "B-Y-U!" So that's what he's doing here.


Monday, November 09, 2009


I was lucky enough to be invited to go to the SYTYCD tour on Saturday - thanks LINDSAY! :)

It was AMAZING. So cool to be there. They are even more talented in person. I was crying at nearly every performance - I pretty much cry during every show at least once so these being all my favorite dances it was just so exciting and brought on a lot of tears. I think I have some emotional wires crossed - like I laugh when something is sad and cry when something is happy.... anyways! It was so unbelievable. I loved it. Didn't want it to end.

some clips from some of the dances....

So do you have any favorites for this current season??? There's a lot of people I like.... can't wait for the show to be on tomorrow night!!!


We had so much fun this Halloween season! We did a bunch of different Halloween activities....

Provo Library Storytime
during Halloween week people wear costumes.....

This was the first football outfit I got Robby. It will be a fun dress up but obviously you can't be a BYU football player wearing RED! AND! When I was getting him dressed for this he started to cry saying, "I don't want my helmet to be ooooft!" What?? "I don't want my helmet to be ooooft!" ???? OOOOOH!!! You don't want your helmet to be SOFT! "I want it to be hard, like daddy's!" Oh my goodness. So I set off in search of a HARD football helmet and got lucky!

Sad about the "oft" helmet..... ahhh.....

Branch Halloween Party

Primary was in charge of games for the kids.... we did one where we wrapped kids in toliet paper to make them mummies! I thought Robby made a pretty cute mummy!

Rob and Robby were football players.... found Robby's BYU helmet in a set at BYU that included the jersey and white football pants! Perfect! And will last him years and years to come!

And I'm...... dressed up!

Story of my life.... Always growing up Halloween was just about putting on some crazy outfit last minute and my whole life kids would ask me, "What are you?" Never had a good answer really. There were a couple times when I was "something" but most of the time it was just, "dressed up." :) Robby said I looked like a baby doll. Hmm.....

PUMPKINLAND at Vineyard Garden Center

Trying to get a picture with their faces in the holes.... oh well!

Plowing through some corn fields...

Rob, Syd, and Robby....

Fun Halloween Package from Amanda & Will!

Amanda & Will sent us a couple of awesome packages and one was FULL of Halloween stuff! Costumes and stickers and spider webs! So fun!

I was trying to get him to smile and he just kept yelling, "WE LOVE AMANDA!"

Again, "we LOVE AMANDA!"

Firefighter and Race Car driver outfits! He LOVES them!

Halloween Day
We went to this amazing Lego artist exhibit in Park City at the Kimball Art Center. It was really amazing!


We met up at A&B's house and had a fun dinner with soup, salad, bread, caramel apples.... yum! Then we got costumes on - Adults too! - and went out around their neighborhood. The weather was nice and it was so fun watching the kids run around!

Harry Potter (Tyler), Power Ranger (Robby), Tinkerbell (Syd), Teacher (Annie), Football player (Quattro), Spiderman (Rob)

Ok.... I think that's everything!

And as I've been telling Robby the last few days, "it's not Halloween time anymore! It's Thanksgiving time!"