Monday, January 31, 2011

Five Guys... and more...

"Mom, can we go to Five Guys today?"

"Um, what? Why do you want to go to Five Guys?"

"Cause they have lots of peanuts."

"Oh, well mommy is on a diet right now and I can't eat that food so we can't go there today but we will sometime soon, ok?"

"Well, you can just bring your own food there and I will eat."

Oh. OK. It's no surprise he likes to eat out... we are so alike.... and yes, I wish we could go to five guys. Mmm.... cheeseburger....


Robby is so good at always remembering to pray for a baby - when I asked him to say the opening prayer for Primary he was like, "ok, yeah, and I'll bless for a baby..." I tried to explain we didn't have to pray for a baby when we were in big groups and everything but he couldn't really see my logic...

And lately praying for A baby isn't good enough - he's been praying for 3 babies! A boy baby for him to play with, a boy for daddy to play with, and a girl baby for mommy to play with.... sounds like a good idea but triplets would not be my ideal. But like I tell him, we're not going to be picky...


When we went shooting with Rob one day.... Robby sure knows how to strike a pose! :)

I just want to bite his cute little cheeks!

Today (my birthday) Robby tried to let me rest for a little longer after Rob left for work. When I was up and getting out of the shower he said, "Daddy told me to call him when you got out of the shower."

okaaaayyyy.... so he called Rob and they were having a discussion about what to get me for my birthday. It was so cute. Robby was so excited and he said, "Don't histen, mom! Don't histen."

He just looked so grown up - he knows how to call Rob from my phone and loves to do it. Later in the afternoon he wanted to call dad to find out what he'd ended up getting me... just takes my phone and calls his dad... so cute.


He put on his button up shirt and tie and came up to me and said, "Mom! I'm going visiting teaching. Now I just need a hesson..." (lesson)

Robby is just so hilarious and makes me laugh with all the crazy stuff he says like when he tips his head to the side and raises his eyebrows and says, "not at all" or "don't hook mom... don't hook till I tell you to..." um... that always means he's trying to do something tricky. I think he really thinks I won't know/notice what he's doing if he tells me not to look, or "hook".

He likes to send emails to Rob while he's at work... I let him type random letters on the keyboard and then I transcribe what he says. This was his last one:

"i hove you we hike you i wish you could be home today and i wanna go to target with you but if you're not here i wouldn't hike to do that but i need to go to target with mommy so i wish i could see you bye.

from robby


i love you daddy

i hove you dad. i couldn't have known what you done can you tell me what you have done i mean can you tell me what you are doing and what you were doing and then can you write a message and tell me that on i love you robby bye"

And this was his to me that Rob typed for him while I was at a meeting on Sunday:


I hove you and Jackson is the one with 5 many dollyers. I hove you. That means go up in the mountains. I hove you and I wish you could stay here and go with us and have fun and watch us do kawatee and you wouldn't see the price that you have been living on is a baby. "


Basically, I just love my little Robby. He is awesome and we are so lucky to have him.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

busy busy busy...

Where has this month gone? I feel like I'm so busy! Rob and I spent a week babysitting for Rob's Aunt & Uncle (their 5 kids) last week... and now my mom is out here visiting which is always great! And what's taken up tons of my brain power this month has been working on getting in shape, losing some weight... it's been a nice break from focusing so much on trying to get pregnant. Turns out this whole "eating healthy" thing is so new to me it's taking a lot of planning and preparing. And will power. And primary always keeps me busy too... new year, lots of new changes there.

Anyway I don't know when I stopped finding time/desire to blog. I haven't taken as many pictures and I feel like without pictures you can't blog. I've taken some cute videos with my little video camera and I should upload those and post them for all of you Quattro fans out there....

Maybe next week I'll have something more interesting to post about! Like my birthday on Monday! :)

Friday, January 07, 2011

The Holidays...

We had such an awesome Christmas and New Years! We've been too busy enjoying it to blog about it I guess... now that life has slowed down a little bit and we're starting to get back to normal... except this crazy diet/New Years resolution stuff.... oh well!

Christmas Eve we visited grandparents with Andrew & Becca and Amy & Nathan...

We were shooting for 3 for 3 but Gran had laryngitis that day... we're lucky to have so many wonderful grandparents here in Utah!

Christmas Eve afternoon we went to see the reindeer at Thanksgiving Point... they weren't in their usual spot so we had to track them down... when Rob went in to ask the lady inside where they were she slyly told him, "They're helping Santa today!!" Yeah right lady... where are they? It was kind of funny...

Christmas Eve... new jammies per Rob's request (his family's tradition)... then Rob and I watched The Holiday while we wrapped presents and got Christmas ready...

We let Robby open his present from Uncle Daniel - it was a monkey from Build A Bear complete with a blue and white "Byu-ish" jersey outfit and a little jacket that said "Quattro" on it.... It is the cutest thing ever! Robby LOVED it. He looked at it and said, "0-0... he must be a mascot, like Cosmo." Apparently Cosmo's number is 00... who would've noticed that??? He's so crazy observant... he took monkey Quattro to bed with him and the next day that was the one toy he picked to bring over to Andrew & Becca's.

We hung lights across the hallway with "do not enter" signs - we had told him, "In the morning, don't go in the living room without mommy and daddy! We'll put signs up to help you remember!" And little mister smarty pants said, "Well, I can't read so I won't know what the signs say..." like so of course I can still go in the living room... he's so funny!

Opened some presents and then had a yummy Christmas breakfast! Complete with MaryAnn's cinnamon rolls - made by Becca and her lovely assistant, Rob. ;)

He loved that he could read his name on the presents... and when he opened this one (Playmobil Knights & Castle) he was so excited it was so cute!!

Had a lovely Christmas dinner of Cafe Rio Pork salads at A&B's....

And apparently took no other pictures from Christmas.... except on the new little video camera (it's like a Flip camera but it's called Bloggie) Rob gave me for Christmas! Videos may be posted soon...

***NEW YEARS!***

Not really having any energy to plan a party or anything we kind of all just gathered randomly and enjoyed a fun low key evening! Frozen pizzas and treats...

We did a "kids countdown" early - thank you, youtube - before they went to bed!

So glad I have such great friends & family around here to celebrate with!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! :)