Thursday, January 28, 2010

Robby randoms....

(pictures from today before haircut)

Robby was on the phone with his little uncle Andrew... he was saying thank you for the Christmas presents he'd sent to him. Robby was holding the football from him but wanted the teddy bear so he asked Rob to go get it. Rob jumped up and ran into his room to get it. Robby looks at me with a sweet little face and says, "He is a date wunner." (great runner) "My dad is a date wunner." So hilarious. I think I say that sometimes because that really is one of Rob's many strengths - if we forget something from the house he'll run back super fast and get it... he's good at hustling. Anyway it was just so funny to hear Robby say that.

Today we got his hair cut at Cookie Cutters. Last time he did a little better with the buzzers than this time. "I'm a hiddle bit scared," he kept saying. But he was so excited to look in the mirror and see his "cute piky hair."

(with his best bud Berto - looked like little twinners today!)

Today I curled my hair (trying new things) and then wore some fancier shoes. Robby looked at me and said, "Oooo, you hook hike a prin-hess now!"
Me: "Thanks, Robby."
Robby: "But maybe you hood wear a skirt."
Me: "Oh really? No, it's cold and it's not Sunday, I want to wear jeans."
Robby: "Well, you could wear the blue things... the blue things to keep your legs warm."
Me: "Tights?"
Robby: "Yeah! You can wear tights! And wear a skirt."
I wore tights for probably the first time in his life to church last week. I would rather be cold usually but I was trying some out. He's just so particular and observant.

Driving through the underground library parking lot - at "Pro-bo hibrary" as he calls it.... we see a group of older people walking to their car...
Robby: "Were dose people in the hibrary?"
Me: "Yes."
Robby: "Oh, I didn't hee them. Maybe next time I will hee them."
Sure. You are crazy. :) I didn't really say that but I did laugh.

"Mom, is your hair down?" He asks as I sit here writing this. As he has asked me at least 4 other times today.

Sometimes he sounds like he's German with all his extra h's and hhhhgghh sounds.

Robby: "Mom, I hove you ho ho ho HOOOOO much!"

Robby: "Can I comb your hair, mom? So you can be a prin-hess too?"

He is such an awesome kid.... I love him ho ho hoooo much. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Robby randoms....

I just can't get enough of this little kid! He makes me laugh every day and constantly surprises me! He's always saying something that makes Rob and I look at each other like, did he really just say that?

Excited to eat apart his little gingerbread house...

That's right buddy.... go at it....

Robby steps on the scale in my bathroom, "what time does it say, mom?"
"Um... you weigh about 30 lbs...."

Putting a bag of apples in the scale at Macey's, "what time is it, mom?"
Mom: "Not what time is it - ask, 'how much does it weigh?'"
Robby: "How much it weigh, mom?"
Mom: "Look where the needle is - between what two numbers?"
Robby: "Um.... 2.... and..... 8!" (it was btwn 2 & 3 - hey 3 can kind of look like an eight.)
Mom: "Between 2 & 3! So it's 2 and a half! Like you!" Picture his big smile....

Obviously we need to work on teaching him the difference between telling time and measuring weight.

Sometimes we ask him a question and he won't know the answer so we'll tell him and then he says, "Ask me ______(whatever the questions is) and I will say _____ (the answer)." Like a re-do.

The other day I said something to him and then explained the word handsome, "it's like the guy version of beautiful. Do you think mommy is beautiful?" (yes I know I was obviously digging for a compliment but hey, what's the harm there?)
"Mmm, you are beautiful when you put on a preedy dress with a preedy scarf." He replies thoughtfully.
"Oooh, so you don't think mommy is beautiful right now?" (with no make up and my hair in a ponytail)
"No." He says quickly. Then with a very serious face he says, "Don't cry."
Ah! I didn't cry. I laughed. Very hard.

And the kid does nothing to improve my opinion of myself in a ponytail - my close friends will tell you - I HATE the way I look in a ponytail. I think I look drastically different and just horrible. Bleh. And it's just funny Robby is always telling me, "don't put ya hair up mom!" or "leave ya hair down mom!" It's so funny that he has an opinion on it! He used to be so bugged by it all the time, now he's more used to mom's ponytail... and knows if we're going to the gym it's a must.

His latest favorite book is a version of The Three Little Pigs. It's a weird version where the pigs have a waffle business and at the end the wolf's meanness is "burned" out of him! "The wolf was mean and now he's nice!"

Robby was pretty disappointed today to not have nursery - we just had stake conference. He loves seeing his friends there and loves his teachers. After church today he was making pretend phone calls to "nursery." "Oh hi... daddy is making my table... and... mommy is fixing my scarf.... ohhh! ha ha ha!"

Talking to "nursery" on the phone...

Daddy putting together the little Ikea table & chairs we got the other day... Robby "helping"...

So fixing his scarf - I'm crocheting him a little blue scarf since he's been wanting one. I'm almost done. But everytime he sees me sitting and reading or doing something else he'll say, "mom, work on my scarf!" And then he constantly wants to see how long it is! "Mom, let's see if it dovers my neck now!" then 2 minutes later... "let's see if it's honger and honger now, mom!" Promise Robby, it takes a little longer than that to make it "honger and honger."

Yesterday he woke up at 4:30 in the morning crying... I had barely fallen asleep (having random sleep issues lately) so I listened for a while seeing if he'd go back to sleep. He sounded very awake - not a good sign. I opened the door and he immediately said, "I spitt-ed up mom!" He was so scared and so sad!! My heart just broke for him!

All day yesterday he was burning up with a fever but didn't spit up anymore, thank goodness. He was happy to watch Dora and Little Einsteins on the couch and drink water-juice from a straw.... and when I put him to bed I rocked and sang him to sleep... he's still my little boy... and even though he was feeling better tonight I still held him and let him fall asleep in my arms...

New Year

The adults played some games.... dutch blitz is one of the only games I'll play...

The kids ran wild... I'm not even allowed to post a picture of the boys considering the outfit my son put on!

Ate a lot of yummy food. A LOT.

Passed around this sweet hunk of chub.... look how big he's gotten!!! (Baby Luke)

Watched the ball drop on the East Coast online with the kids with some bubbly...

Look at that happy face!

Then we big kids stayed up playing games, rang in the new year with some more Martinelli's... a lovely evening.

Some of our New Years Resolutions/Goals include:

-Read Book of Mormon as a family/couple
-Read 1 book a month (already read one for January - The Last Song, liked it much more than I thought I would and am excited for the movie to come out!)
-Get pregnant (Rob says that's can't be a goal but why the heck not?)

and some other things.... already not doing great at "eating healthy" but what's a girl to do when that time of the month comes around and you so desperately do not want it to... I figure I deserve to eat whatever I want at that time! And so I do.

Hope everyone's year is starting out right! Happy 2010!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Childbirth Classes

My wonderful sister in law, Becca, is starting to teach childbirth classes again!

With her fourth child, Luke....

You can look at her website here and email her at

Whatever kind of birth you are planning this class covers all kinds of useful information! I firmly believe in educating yourself about all of your choices and options when it comes to pregnancy, labor, and birth!

So if you or anyone you know is expecting and interested in taking classes email her or feel free to ask me any questions as well!