Friday, September 24, 2010

Diving board

One of Robby's most favorite things lately has been videos on my phone. As in, I take 1 minute videos of whatever he's doing and then he spends forever watching them all back... it's kind of great.

This summer when we were still in Maryland and Rob was in Utah Robby went off the diving board for his first time. It was pretty awesome and I'm glad I thought to grab my phone to get some videos to show Rob and Robby LOVES watching these back.

By the end of this summer he was swimming like a little fish - it was amazing! We did one week at the beginning of the summer of swim lessons but it was really basic stuff - blowing bubbles, jumping in the water... and then we did a couple private lessons with someone at our pool... the real kicker was just the fact we went swimming every single day pretty much. I love our pool. :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Robby update

Robby is hilarious. He makes me laugh every day... here are some random Robby thoughts for you...

One day we borrowed a book from Provo library that had a "Governor Walker's collection" sticker in it with a picture of the lovely Governor Olene Walker. We don't know her, ps, just saw her sticker in the book. Ever since then we will randomly find that other books we have rented and brought home have a Governor Walker sticker in it too.... and you would've thought it was a Golden Ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! On Sunday we had Andrew & Becca over and Robby comes running in holding this book about football in the air yelling, "Mom! MOM! GOVERNOR WALKER!!!!" So excited!!! I explained it to Andrew and he was dying laughing....

I was talking to Robby about what would happen if he ever got lost and if he was talking to a police officer and role playing...

Me: "What's your name?"
Robby: "Robby Parsons."
Me: "What's your mom's name?"
Robby: "Esther Parsons."
Me: "What's your dad's name?"
Robby: "Uncle Rob Parsons."

Ha. He loves calling Rob "Uncle Rob" - that's what Tyler & Robby and all the cousins call him and he thinks it's funny.

He sure does love his daddy. He is so observant and always makes sure to "match" daddy when leaving the house. One day Rob was going on a long run (training for a half marathon) and he didn't have a shirt on. When it came time for Robby and I to leave the house to go to the mall Robby would NOT put a shirt on. I finally figured out it was cause "daddy didn't have a shirt on." The mall is a less acceptable place to be shirtless though... sorry kid.

Another time Rob had on a sweatshirt and I watched as Robby noticed Rob's sweatshirt and went and got out his big winter coat... we tried to get him to leave it at home, Rob even took off his sweatshirt but then Robby was trying to carry his coat over his shoulder... oh wait, cause that's what Rob did with his sweatshirt! It was hilarious. The things he notices!!!

He is loving playing with his football mat from Liv. He sets them up in different formations, huddles... one day he put them in partners and said, "Look mom, they're dancing!" Ha! But usually it's things like, "these are the Utah players... these are the BYU... and BYU makes a point! Woo hoo!"

Lately he's been playing a lot of "the shadow game." This is where they just repeat everything you say and do. Rob did this to me when we were little, like 12, and of course it was so annoying/awesome because he would just follow me around everywhere to copy me/be near me. I don't know where Robby learned it but he thinks he's hilarious.

Tonight when I tucked him in I told him, "do you know every night when you're sleeping mommy comes in and kisses you and says I love you?" He smiled and said, "will you do that today?" I said, "Yes." He said, "Thank you." He is so cute and is so good about saying Thank You for things. Like tonight for dinner he said, "thank you for making this mom!"

We've been doing a lot of "practicing my scooter." I tried to say, "do you want to ride your scooter?" And he quickly corrected me, "I'm just practicing my scooter, mom." So we had a little photo shoot outside since I've recently realized I have taken hardly any pictures lately!!

I like how he has one leg pulled up... #gangster

I took this one:

And then he said, "Het me see!" He was all upset I hadn't gotten his hands on his hips so we did a re-take:

And here he just looks so grown up! What is he like 5, 6??? I told him the other day, "Can you PLEASE stop growing up?" He said in a concerned voice, "I'm trying, mommy!" Ooo, I don't want to stress him out or anything but oh my goodness he is growing up way too fast.

Oh how I love this little boy!