Friday, December 16, 2011

little update....

This was just cute and I wanted to remember it....
Robby asked Rob, "Dad, is Scott your best friend?"
Rob, "Scott? Scott Carter?"
Robby: "Yeah."
Rob: "No, he's a good friend but not my best friend."
Robby: "Who's your best friend?"
Rob: "Who do you think?" (I was thinking at that point Robby would say Will...)
Robby's eyes light up and he says with confidence, "ME!"
Pretty much the sweetest thing ever. :)

One night I was walking past Robby's room to the kitchen and I saw him lying beside his open door, asleep. This is very unusual for him! He thought it was so funny when I showed him the picture. :)
 First time ice skating! He was pretty nervous at first because it was super crowded but he can't wait to go back and do it again.

The 6 month belly... (Robby my photographer)
My attempt...
Proud big brother! :)


stephanie said...

So much cuteness - Robby and your belly!

Olivia Carter said...

Aw, you are always looking fabulous!

And I love that he asked if Scott was Rob's best friend. Love it!

Grace said...

Esther you look so cute! And that story about Robby is adorable :)

Amanda and William said...

Im dying! Love the first story, but REALLY LOVE YOUR BELLY!!! Been waiting for a pregnant shot! You look GREAT!!!

Liz said...

Just barely saw this post - you look great! Love the cute belly!