Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Honey!

 Happy Birthday Rob! We are very lucky to have such a wonderful dad for our little family! We hope he had a good day! He got to sleep in, went to work for a few hours, had a little date and used his bday coupon at Tucanos for lunch, got a massage from my awesome Aunt Miriam, then came home and we had a little party with Andrew & Becca. Since we had a big lunch I was trying to think of something lighter for dinner and one of Rob's favorite things is yummy sandwiches so we had those and tried to copy the dessert from The Chocolate for a cake - warmed up cookie dough with ice cream! Yum! Robby wanted to get balloons for daddy and I even put up streamers - I'm not one to usually decorate really so I think Rob knows he must be pretty special! :)


 We had to do the candles BEFORE we cooked the cookie dough cause we weren't sure if it'd hold them up after it was cooked!

 The finished product.... mmm...

Andrew & Becca gave Rob a coupon for 5 FREE HUGS! (Modern Family anyone??) Ha ha... the kids were all giving hugs and Luke and Robby wanted to join in... 

Robby says what he loves about daddy is that he plays football with him and wrestles with him and he loves him really much.
I'm grateful for how hard he works for our family. I know he'll always take care of us and keep us safe (he is always armed you know! ha ha). We have so much fun together and I feel lucky to be married to my best friend.



Olivia Carter said...

Happy Birthday Rob! Looks like a blast of a party!

Vanessa Finlayson said...

So amazing you guys have known each other for EVER! :)